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10 Causes That affect Adsense income

 What is Google Adsense ?
AdSense is one of the free advertising media, which is very popular today, many publisher adsense indonesia in particular that has reaped considerable profits, only capitalize the blog or site, and many others blogger indonesia which turned the bow that at first became a worker now turns into adsense publisher as a full time blogger, not without reason, adsense is one method of advertising is quite effective to earn income.

10 Causes that affect the value of CPC and Google AdSense revenue
Google AdSense CPC value
Google AdSense CPC value
You need to know, indeed to earn revenue through google adsense is not an easy matter, at least must work hard work and have its own tricks that can generate the expected income, there are some things we should consider about Causes that can affect google AdSense accounting is as follows:
1. Causes of Visitor Amount
Visitor is a visitor who come to visit our blog, visitor can come from various sources, some may find our blog from social media, there is also visitor which sourced from backlink that we put on blog comment, or visitor can come from search engine when they do search. visitors are very influential in influencing the size of Google AdSense revenue, then the opportunity to earn revenue from adsense the greater, because the more visitors, then the number of clicks on the Adsense ads that we install will be more and more.

2. Causes of Visitor Type
To attract visitors, what we need to prioritize is organic visitors, or visitors who come to visit our blog sourced from Google search engine, this type of visitors allegedly can mempengarruhi Cost per click (CPC) or the cost of google Adsense perclick, clicks made visitors who come from google search engine, greater value if we compare with visitors who come from other sources, therefore to get a greater CPC value, we must seek organic visitors, to attract organic visitors, one way is to involve seo optimization in our blog manage, whether it is doing seo optimization onpage or Offpage seo optimization.

3. Causes The language of the articles used
The cause of language is very determine the size of CPC google AdSense value, to get the highest CPC value should our blog content with English articles, what causes the value of CPC articles in English can be larger than the Indonesian language article, the reason is the target visitors, articles English-language target visitors may be able to attract visitors from abroad, eg America, Britain and other foreign countries, while foreign currency has a great value when compared to the local currency of Indonesia, when visitors come from abroad, adsense ads will adapt to the ads local to the country where the visitor is coming from, for the size of the indonesian, advertisements posted by advertisers from foreign countries usually have a high CPC value when compared to ads from Indonesia, adjusting to their currency, so that also affects the value of ad clicks we will get. some information I get, that CPC value for ads from foreign countries can be up to 10 $ up to 100 $ perklik.

4. Causes Niche Blog
The value of CPC Adsense ads is influenced by the content of the article, google adsense ads are displayed in general will adjust to the content or content of the article as a whole, therefore to get a high CPC value we must know which niche blog is allegedly has a CPC value high, indeed google Adsense itself is very secret the value of CPC for each ad, only advertiser or advertiser and the adsense just know exactly how much CPC value for each ad, but we can find references from various online sources to get information about niche or blog topic anything that really has a high CPC value.

Therefore, if we focus on adsense should find a niche blog that really has a high CPC value, so the income perkliknya will also be greater.

5. Causes Locations of Ad Placement
The location of google adsense ad unit placement, is one of the causes that can affect Google AdSense revenue, good placement will affect the number of clicks on google adsense ads that we install, the more the number of clicks of course the dollar value we earn will be even greater. then the best location we can place ads google Adsense ?, in the term adsense, we know the heat map, that is certain points in our blog page is very good to put adsense ads, in general the location is, certain points in the blog we are getting a lot of visitor attention. when we place the ad unit adsense at that location, it will affect the number of clicks adsense ads that we have.
6. Cause of Site Domain Level
Domain sites with Top Level Domains (TLD) can affect the size of CPC google Adsense value, CPC adsense ads that we put on sites with Top Level Domain (.com, .org,, etc.) will be greater when compared with CPC adsense ads installed on free blogs, such as .blogspot, .wordpress and others, some bloggers who have experienced wrestling adsense, have proven this, therefore, if we have a little capital and decided to focus more serious in Adsense, we should think to have its own TLD, so the revenue from google adsense can be more leverage.

7. Causes Bounce Out Rate
Bounce out rate is a measure of how long visitors hang out on your site or blog, the more visitors linger your site, the bounce out rate will be smaller, the more visitors quickly leave your blog, the bounce out rate will be greater, our task if we want to get a high CPC value is, trying to minimize bounce out rate, how to minimize bounce out rate is to present the quality content, unique and original, the smaller the bounce out rate the CPC value will be greater.

8. Causes The number and type of ads in a single page
Google adsense allows us to advertise at least 3 ads in one page, the more ads we put then the more clicks will get, too, but the more ads we put in one page the CPC value for each ad will be smaller, you stay wise in determining the choice for the number of these ads, if the visitor is booming, it is advisable to minimize the number of ads, CPC value for 1 ad in one page will be better than 3 ads in one page, in addition to the type and size of ads that we install also determine CPC value, you should choose ads that can present text and images in turn, and the ad size should select ads with dimensions 300 x zzz, because these ads most in demand by advertisers, the more ad enthusiasts adsense ads are displayed will have a CPC value better.

9. Causes of Keywords and Quality of Articles
To get a good adsense value, we must pay attention to the contents of the article, to get the value of adsense diverse and good, we should make the article long, quality, informative and rich in keywords, the more content the keyword then we can target More and more, if many adsense keywords will match the keywords in the article, the more ad variations are displayed, the chances of getting ads with high CPC will get better.

10. Cause of Loading Blog or Site
Loading blog is one of the Causes that counts in SEO, the faster loading blog then the article opportunity to be found search engine will be better, loading blog is favored by search engine or search enggine, and not just search engine, visitor also indirectly like loading blogs are fast, with loading fast blog visitors clicking on ads that we install will be faster. and blogs that we have will be easy to find by search engines, thus more and more visitors will affect our google adsense revenue.

Hopefully a simple article about 10 Causes That affect Adsense income, may be useful for you.

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