Wednesday, 23 August 2017

How to Change Cpanel Password to be Safe

How to Change Cpanel Password to be Safe
Changing Cpanel Password after order hosting is very useful in terms of security and also to ease remember password. Because when we do order hosting, we will receive an email containing username and password.

At first the strength of your password is very high (hard to guess), because the combination of characters and numbers. But the negative impact is that you are hard to remember the password. So you have to copy-paste the account.

Username and password are very important data, because with a username and password the computer can identify someone, whether someone is eligible to get the right of access to a service / service.

In the cPanel menu, you can change the password cpanel password easily. You just take a few steps, including:

Login Cpanel >> Preference menu >> Change Password
change cpanel password
After enter the display will appear as below
Change the cpanel password
Old password: Old password to enter cPanle
New Password: The new password you wish to enter into cPanel
New password (Again): Fill in the same new password. (The new password must be the same as the password you entered in step 'b')
Password Generator: Password created by the system automatically (Avoid this step if you want to use the password you hendaki)
Chane your Password now: Make a password change.
We have successfully changed the password, then we can login to Cpanel via new password

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