Sunday, 20 August 2017

How to Change a User Profile in WordPress

How to Change a User Profile in WordPress
How to Change a User Profile in WordPress. WordPress gives users the flexibility to change their profile or user info. This certainly makes it easier for us to change the default settings in wordpress.
To change profile, please  login to the admin area. After that look on the left icon and the words "users" then click your profile.
In this setting we can change the profile information such as:
Firts Name: First Name
Last name: Last Name
Nickname: The name to be displayed below the post
Email: This will provide notifications or notifications about things related to wordpress, including wordpress updates, visitor comments, and more
Social Media profile: This setting allows our profile account to connect with various social media devices.
If it is enough to fill all the profiles, please click the "Update" on the bottom of the page
Change profile wordpress
Change profile wordpress
So, if you change the wordpress profile profile follow the simple steps above.

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