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Post and Page Differences

Post and Page Differences
Post and Page Differences
Create a WordPress platform user both beginner and advanced, sometimes still confused when asked "What 's the difference Post Post same Page?". Both features that already exist in WordPress is sometimes used improperly. Therefore, it would be nice to know the difference between a Post and Page to optimize the Web site created.

Before learning the difference, we must know first understanding of Post and Page.
Post or commonly called this post is a feature of WordPress that allows users to write articles periodically whether it is every day, every hour, or even every time and can be tailored to the desired category.
In addition, the Post will be stored on the Archives page, so it will automatically burst the old Post and the latest Post will appear above the old Post.

Page can be called a static page or a fixed page and usually not as many as the Post. Page pages also usually do not change frequently, therefore, Page is usually used for pages like About Us. That cannot possibly change and grow as much as the Post.

As a reference about understanding Post and Page please read the article about Post and page

I'm trying to find images on Google, and here's the result, more like this the difference:
In conclusion, here's the difference between a Post and Page:
The Post is dynamic, Page is static.
The Post is used to write articles, blogs or the latest news. While Page is usually used to create pages About Us, Profiles, Contacts, etc.
The Post can ot be a homepage, while Page can be a homepage.
The Post can be categorized and tagged, while Page can not.
The Post has no template feature, Page has a template feature
The Post included in the RSS feed, while Page is not.
The Post can enter in the page that has been default, while Page is placed on the page that we specify.
The Post is usually updated frequently, while Page is not.

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