Friday, 25 August 2017

Post and Page

Post and Page

If you use wordpress there is a menu called Post and Page. This Post and Page feature is an important part of a website and also for SEO. For a beginner this feature will be very confusing, especially for the application of SEO in wordpress.

Understanding Post and Page
Before continuing in applying SEO on wordpress, then we understand first what is the difference between a Post and Page wordpress.  The Post is a page that can be used to post content or articles. In an active blog Post here is used to create articles every day. The results of the post will always be displayed on the Post page.  Page is a page that is used to create content, but is static, for example, is the page about us and contact us. For page numbers Page is much less than Post pages because it rarely requires content updates.

To know the difference please read the article about post and page differences

SEO Implementation
After knowing the difference between a Post and Page above, it can be concluded that the Post is a dynamic content suitable for use as post place like news, while page is more static.

For the implementation of Post and Page on SEO in wordpress can be used on both pages. Page Page can be used as an internal reference link from the Post. The article contained in the Post if it contains relevant keywords on the Page page, then we can place the link to go to the Page page.

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