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SEO Mistakes to Avoid in WordPress

SEO WordPress
SEO WordPress
WordPress SEO Reasons Drop and Mistakes to Avoid SEO or Search Engine Optimation is one of the most important elements for your website easily searchable by the user through search engines like google or bing. Well, often in doing our optimization mgelami mistake or over optimization. Akibanta our website even stumbled SEO.

SEO WordPress: Update, Update, and Update
Remember, content is king. Good any seo optimization that we will be very useless if the website is very rarely updated. Write content regularly so that search engines are familiar with our website.

SEO WordPress: Creating an XML sitemap
A sitemap is an XML file, which has a list of URLs in the site. With their help, webmaster tools can make it easier for search engines to navigate the site more easily and efficiently. WordPress users do not understand and understand the importance of XML sitemaps, so search engines do not ignore pages from the site. And naturally will make the visibility of your site will be greatly reduced. As a web page you do not get the index by all the search engines.

SEO WordPress: Creating Categories and Tags Correctly
If you want to keep users engaged and increase traffic to your site, you can use categories and Tags. Using appropriate categories and tags on blogs and articles will encourage readers to navigate through the entire website. Having a web post without tags and categories could result in losing your rankings with search engines, in WordPress it's so easy to create Tags and Categories, so you should make the most of it.

WordPress SEO: External Links Must be Relevant
External links are as important as internal links and should be relevant, and keep your site in context. Search engines will pay attention to the links you have to other sites and compare thematic content to make sure that there is a linkage. It is therefore important to look at external links before posting because these links should match the content of your article.

SEO WordPress: install WordPress SEO plugin
 There are some plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO plugin, which has a tremendous advantage to optimize your site. Each of these plugins can help optimize your site's SEO in a different way, and thus you should choose one wisely based on your needs.

WordPress SEO: Keyword Filling
The importance of keywords for search engine optimization should be completely understood. But you also need to understand that keyword stuffing must be precise and do not overload keywords that may result in your site getting penalized from search engines.

If you want to rank for certain categories of keywords, then you can create a separate page for it and then optimize it. You can also avoid keyword duplication and create pages with them built as part of the content instead. You will benefit from it because it has high quality and relevant content on your website, thereby generating a pretty good ranking for your website.

SEO WordPress: Quality Backlink
The importance of Backlinks on your site to judge how popular your site is in the eyes of search engines. However There are some bloggers using ways, such as buying backlinks from backlink farms or sites that have been set up for the purpose of selling links. These backlinks are often of poor quality and will give the same impression about your site to the search engines. On the other hand, some other backlinks from authoritative sites are important and worthy for your site, look at how DA and PA values ​​before putting backlinks are also important to note.

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