Monday, 28 August 2017

Tips to Secure WordPress from Hacker Attack

Tips to Secure WordPress from Hacker Attack
A hacker or hacker attack is one of the things that is troubling the web admins. Even our website that has created dollars can be down and taken over by hackers.

One of the situr that became the target of hackers is a platform wordpress because wordpress very many users. Fortunately wordpress always do security updates, that's the need we always update the latest wordpress.

Here are tips to make security optimization to secure wordpress from hacker attacks.
Always update the wordpress version to the latest version.
Using complex passwords and not in the dictionary, use a mix of letters (big and small) and characters
Never use admin username as your username.
Hide username, from author in archive URL
Install Limit Login Attempts.
Disable file editor from dashboard. Add the following line to the wp-config.php file:
define ('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);

Avoid free themes and nulled or crack results.
Remove file / folder theme / plugins that are not in use
Perform regular backups.
Use wp-security scan plugins and run
Use security Plugins can use from the following list: - offers a wide range of security features. - protects your site via .htaccess. - adds a firewall to your site.
Http:// - scans your site for malware etc.
Http:// - full-featured security plugin.
Http:// - comprehensive security tool.
Http:// - searches your database for any suspicious code.

This tutorial does not guarantee securing 100% of your website, but at least closing the security gaps. No security is perfect and forever, it means you can not just with a setting and leave it alone without following the latest updates and security developments, because maybe that is now considered safe tomorrow has become unsafe again because of the new bug found in wordpress engine.

Keep updated information about the security system wordpress because the development of security systems continues to grow. One more important thing is do Backup

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Thanks gan.... Tipsnya, tapi sayangnya saya menggunakan blogger

Thanks gan.... Tipsnya, tapi sayangnya saya menggunakan blogger

tips your post very nice, i use wordprees and 1 want try your tips from hacker

Thanks gan.. Jadi bisa ngantisipasi web wordpress gw dari serangan hacker