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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

What is Website Hosting or Web Hosting?
Web Hosting is a form of rental service place on the Internet that exploited someone or company to store product or service in on web / internet site. The Place in question is a data storage that has a connection to the internet so that the data can be connected with internet access. This is what causes a website can be accessed simultaneously in one time by multi user.

Generally the web hosting server is a regular computer with some basic additional components and server programs. A web server computer hosting must be online 24 hours every day without stopping or shut down in a longer period of time than a regular computer

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Benefits of Website Hosting
Benefits Website Hosting is a place used for the storage of web users to store data data used in building a managed web. The data stored in the form of video, images, email, supporting data that is usually used to build a website or blog that serves to promote services or an information to be read, can also to mengahasilkan money. The rental service of a web hosting is usually paid within a period of time per month.

Tips on Choosing Web Hosting
There are several things that need to be considered in using web hosting rental services so as not to waste in its use
1 Capacity
The first is the capacity or the amount of storage space of the web hosting, we can determine the number of capacity of the size according to our needs, the capacity we can choose is 25 MB, 500 MB or even 1 GB. We must maximize the ownership of capacity agat useless in its use, because the greater the capacity of web hosting that we rent then the price is also more expensive.

2. Technology
The second issue is knowing what operating system we choose to manage a website or blog, the choice is a linux server or a windows server.

3. Support
The third subject is about suport, it is better before you rent a website hosting adan know about the services provided whether the web server will be online for 24 hours. To keep the problems that will arise should have a question and get information clearly before

4. Database
The fourth subject is the Database of a web hosting. If we are going to build a website dynamically then the tenant web hosting services also provide database services. We must be observant before menyesa web hosting services, especially in the amount of data base that is provided, such as My QSL, PostgreSQL, Access, and so forth.

5. Backup
In keeping the data security we have we must pay attention to the rental services of web hosting has a data backup service. Because if the tenant web hosting does not have a backup service in case of trouble then our data will be lost.

6. Bandwidth
The size or amount of Bandwidth offered by web hosting tenant services is the amount of data transfer for a month. That means in one hosting company provides the amount of 1 GB of bandwidth mall for 1 month, and you have an HTML file with size 20 kb and the number of visitors every day 100 people. Then you will spend bandwidth every day 20 kb x 100 people = 2000 kb / 2 MB. While for a month then 2MB x 31 days = 62 MB.

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Very useful post, i think amazing content is very Useful for any website to attract people.

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