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When is the Google AdSense Account PIN we can receive for address verification?

Google Adsense
Google Adsense

One of the questions that are often asked by google adsense publisher new beginners resonate to google adsense publisher is about things related to google adsense PIN, from start how to get google adsense PIN? and when PIN is sent, and how to request PIN, such questions were once I also asked when the first time about google adsense.

What is an adsense pin ?, Please note that the PIN is a unique 6-digit unique code sent by google to verify the address of the google adsense owner, this is to ensure that the address of the recipient can be reached, your google adsense account must verify the address by enter the PIN sent by the google to the address you set in your google adsense account that you have, if google adsense account has verification address then your google adsense account will be used to receive the disbursement of revenue from google adsense you earn.

How do I get Google Adsense PIN?
There are 3 times the opportunity given google to send PIN for you input in your adsense account, the first PIN actually should not be requested, but google will send it automatically to the address you set in adsennya account, PIN number will be sent directly without your request google adsense revenue that you earn has reached at least 10 $ or for the rupiah equivalent to the value of $ 10.

Usually When your adsense adsense has reached at least 10, in your adsense account page will appear a notification in the form of red coloring that appears at the top of your adsense account page that gives information that ......, and when clicked then you will taken to the form to enter the adsense PIN sent by google.

So you should note, when your google adsense revenue is close to the value of $ 10 then you must ensure that the address set in your adsense account is the actual address and easy to reach by the POS office, my experience the address is easier to reach then the PIN was will get faster up.

What if the PIN does not come (request PIN Adsense)?
There are several cases that happen very often, one of them is the PIN from google adsense does not come. please note that every time the delivery of PIN number, whether it is for the first PIN is automatically sent, or PIN to 2 and 3 you ask, the grace period is 1 month, if in a month since the PIN sent by google marriage is not you go, then usually in the form to enter the PIN number will appear Request PIN button.

The button you can use to request the next PIN, so on up to 2 times the next request. all requested PINs have the same number, so when suppose the 2nd PIN you have requested has not arrived yet and you already have to request PIN to 3, but unexpectedly the 2nd PIN you requested suddenly got to your address, then you can enter the PIN to verify the address in your adsense account.

I have 3 times Request PIN AdSense but I have not received how the solution?
Although there are 2 times the opportunity to request a PIN, 3 with the first PIN, still there are cases to 3 PIN not received or not up to our address, how the solution if it happens so?

If you happen to experience the sort of thing above then you do not have to worry, because if 3x chance PIN not yet you receive, then in your google adsense account will appear Scan ID Card Identity, this is the last step you can do, google will ask you to scan your ID and upload it. But you must make sure that the identity data you set in your adsense account or in your email is the same as the ktp data or other identity cards you scan. if ktp scan button has appeared please you scan your ktp or photos using your android phone and send to google.

If successful, then this way will directly activate your adense account and google adsense earnings that you earn have a chance to disbursed if the balance of google adsense revenue that you earn has reached at least 100 $, or for adsense account IDR earnings earned stara with 100 $.

Can I change the Delivery address every time Request PIN?
The google adsense PIN number will be sent to the address set in your adsene account, but may the address mutually change each time the request pin.

This is quite frankly I have experienced, I had 2 times change the address, before the first delivery I set the address to send to my home address is difficult to reach POS and PIN results do not come, before the second PIN request I change the address to the parent address wife, in an urban area but a bit away from the POS and PIN offices still have not been received even though I had time pick up the ball to the post and to the village head office and the result is nil no pin. Finally before the 3rd PIN request I change the address in the adsense account to the office address where I teach less private where its location in the city center is easy to reach and close to the post office, finally the PIN is awaited-then until The conclusion you can change the shipping address that you set in your adsense account, can use the appropriate address ID card or different address with a clear ID card select address that is easy to reach by POS, but make sure that the settings change the address should be done before you make the next PIN request.

after PIN verification how to withdraw earnings from google adsense? After verifying the PIN then the income from google adsense you earn new you can melt, but you have to wait for google adsense account earnings that you earn must reach a minimum of 100 $. For publisher in Indonesia there are 2 ways can be selected to withdraw google adsense revenue, the first way through Western union and the second way via wire transfer or transfer between accounts. 

But for now because there are 2 kinds of account google adsense US dollars ($) and adsense IDR with the currency of Rupiah (RP), then the method of liquefaction is slightly different. For those of you who have a US adsense account (Adsense account generally obtained in the past) that has currency $, then you can choose 2 methods of payment that is, through western union (WU) and transfer to local bank account. As for you who use adsense IDR account (adsense account obtained in 2016 until now with rupiah currency), so until now the payment method that can be selected is through bank transfer only. So to pay off google adsense earnings, good google adsense youtube, admob, and blog can only be done through bank transfer or western union (WU). can not be cashed through paypal.

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I have just request PIN from Google ads, but I'm worry the PIN is not coming here because I live in rural village

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