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Wordpress Login

This article is specially made for those of you who are still learning stages. To start creating a blog or build a website using CMS WordPress, you need to login to the dashboard. In this tutorial, you will learn how to login or how to get into the WordPress dashboard and troubleshoot when it cannot login.
What needs to be prepared?
As a learning material and 2 things to be prepared
1. CMS WordPress is already installed
2. Login details to WordPress Admin

For First step: Define the WordPress dashboard
If you have already installed wordpress on the main domain (inside the public html folder of your hosting account), please access your WordPress admin area by going to the following link: your domain .com / wp-admin

 If you have installed CMS WordPress on the wordpress folder in the domain, Means for WordPress dashboard url is your domain. Com / wp / wp-admin

Once you access the WordPress dashboard url, it will look like the image below:
How to Sign in to WordPress Dashboard?

Step two: How to Sign in to WordPress Dashboard
Now go to the administrator area, you must login by entering the following details:
Username WordPress - The username you created during the installation of WordPress.
Password WordPress - Password that you created when doing WordPress installation.

 If you check in the "Send me installation instructions via email" section when installing WordPress, you will get login details to the WordPress dashboard.
After you enter your username and password please press Login button.

If you have successfully logged in, you will see the WordPress dashboard as shown below:
wordpress dashboard

Step three: Troubleshooting Cannot Log in to WordPress Dashboard
Sometimes to log into the WordPress dashboard there are some problems. Below you will find the most common problems and solutions:

1. Using the Wrong Password
If you entered the correct email address when doing WordPress installation, please choose Lost your password? Which is at the bottom of the login form. Please enter a new email address and password will be sent to your email.
Reset password wordpress

If you unsuccessfully reset your password via email, you can reset the password manually via user_pass using phpMyAdmin. You can see the following tutorial for details.

2. Using the wrong Username
Just like passwords, username dashboard WordPress admin can also easily you change through user_login using phpMyAdmin. For the steps can follow the following tutorial.

After completing the tutorial how to get into the WordPress dashboard, you should be able to login to the WordPress dashboard. So now you can do website development and install various plugins or templates.

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