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Wordpress Multisite

Wordpress Multisite
There is no clear difference between WordPress and WordPress MU. It is difficult to distinguish WordPress Single User from using WordPress Multi User. Because visually everything is the same. If

What distinguishes is the ability of WordPress Multi User to accommodate many users in one domain. And the user can use sub domains as blog URL. A simple example of using WordPress Multi User is domain In that domain there are millions of sub domains. Contonya:,,

Installation is also quite once, so when there is a user with a new sub domain join - no need to use the installation again. Unlike WordPress Single User, if you want a new sub domain  must install WordPress in the new sub domain. The lack of WordPress MU takes a sizable resource server. So must have a hosting that is quite responsibility and unlimited.
In knowing the advantages and disadvantages note carefully the following article.
Pros and Cons of WordPress Multisite
Know Permalink subdirectory and sub domain
To recognize Subdomains and subdirectory is very easy and maybe you already know the permalink of sub directory, if the write will   like this.
Http:// → this for subdomains
Http:// → this for subdirectory
Both of these links may be almost the same as just the beginning of the domain and after the domian, but the search engine assumes that the sub domain is the one-line domain but for the same subdirectory domain, that's the benefit of the subdirectory.

As a multisite network administrator, you can easily manage multiple sites from a single dashboard.
Each site can have its own admin with the ability to manage only their own sites.
To install plugins and themes on multiple websites with one download.
Multisite networks also make it easier for you to manage updates. You just need to update your WordPress, plugins, or themes on one install
All sites on the network share the same resources, so when your site is down, all sites on your network are down as well.
To manage server resources in unexpected traffic will be difficult for beginner level users.
If your site gets hacked, then this means all sites on your network will get the same hacked.
WordPress plugin failures may not work well on multisite networks.


To have a multisite network you should really pay attention to the performance and capacity of the hosting, because the possibility of unexpected will exist and always exist. For this you should pay attention to the performance of the server and how much hosting capacity you can rely on, in this case I suggest to use Hosting VPS or Dedicate server which is not in doubt the reliability, if you are still using shared hosting you can consider again, You know by using multisite means you have to be ready with traffic and traffic requests that are likely to soar.

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