Friday, 18 August 2017

Wordpress Plugins

Wordpress Plugins
Plugins are a known term for a webmaster because they will often use plugins on blogs that are managed Plugins are small-sized applications that are embedded into other larger applications, which aim to improve the functionality of the parent application.
WordPress plugin is an additional program that can be integrated with WordPress to provide other functions that are not available in the standard installation, can also call an additional set of application programs that contain scripting functions in PHP language that provides features or services that Specific to improve the functionality in the use of a wordpress blog, which can be combined with blogs using access points and methods provided by wordpress.

The plugin function for wordpress is
  1. Adding optimization from wordpress
  2. Make the display better
  3. Reduce the size of wordpress apps
  4. Separate source code because it is not compatible with licensed software

How to Install Plugins in WordPress
When you have chosen a plugin that will be used on the website of course you yourself already know the usefulness of the plugin itself. For those of us who create a Website with Domain and Hosting itself and use CMS WordPress quite a lot of plugin options that can be used for free. For this article I will example, when will install Broken Link Checker Plugin like I use on this blog. After  Log in to Wordpressp-admin, click> Add New existing

In the Plugins menu.
Click plugin> add new
Then you will go to Install the Plugins page. There are 5 menus on the page: Search | Upload | Featured | Popular | Newest.
Install plug-in, upload plug-in
If you already know the name of the plugin you want to use, you can use the Search Box to find it. Or search for plugins in the featured, popular, newest menu or directly select the existing plugins in the Popular tags.

This time I will install the plugin broken link checker and immediately search by using the search box. After the list / list of our plugins I choose one of the displayed.

Click details or install the plugin
Before the plugin is installed, we can see the Details and short description written on the list. Or for more details you can check by clicking> Details.

Click install now to install the plugin
Please read the description well to really understand the usefulness and how the plugin works. There is also a guide how to install / install that you can see on the Installation menu. If you are sure to use it, please click> Install Now. After the install is complete then you activate by clicking> Active Plugin.

To set the plugin that has been installed, you can see on the Tools menu or Settings, usually the plugin that we install will be placed on the menu.

We can also upload the plugin to wordpress by going to the upload menu. Click> upload> select the plugin from your file storage media, then click> Install Now. To enable plugin same as above.

How to upload plugin to wordpress
 Hopefully the article above can help you who may not understand how to install the plugin in wordpress. But if you will use a plugin should we first look for information because quite a lot of outstanding plugins that did not like the way it works by search engines, of course that would be dangerous for our blog.
see video related to this post, sourced from

Too many plugins that are used are also not good, because it will slow the loading process when it will open or access to the website or blog.

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boleh di coba nih, tapi ane blm pernah buat wordpress , nanti nyoba ah

Boleh laj di coba.. Nambah referensi jga untuk belajar buat wordptess

Creating a blog on wordpress is good and complete because it can add many plugins with ease ... not rich in blogspot must understand programming ...