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WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins

Understanding plugins or more details WordPress Plugins is an additional set of application programs that contain scripting functions in PHP language that provide specific features or services to improve functionality in the use of wordpress blogs, which can be combined with blogs using access points and methods provided By wordpress.
What is the function of the plugin?
WordPress plugin function is intended for a variety of reasons, including:
Allows third parties to create additional capabilities on wordpress apps. Because wordpress is an open or open source application for anyone who wants to help develop it.
Supports features that have not been seen by wordpress users.
Reduce the size of wordpress applications both in terms of capacity, bandwidth used, etc.
So now you already know what a plugin is and what are its functions. And hopefully the explanation of Understanding Plugin In WordPress can be useful. For the guide to install it can be read in my article entitled How to Install WordPress Plugins

Types of Plugins
Firefox is one of the most popular browsers today, of course it motivates them to further improve the capabilities of this browser, one of them with the many Plug-ins provided.
Plug-in is an additional tool that can be installed in the Mozilla Firefox browser to add a certain capability or facility, increase the convenience in using the internet or beautify the look of the browser.
The number of Plug-in that has been circulating today reaches thousands of types, but currently I only recommend some plug-ins that may be very useful to you.
1. Adblock Plus
This plug-in is useful for blocking ads that are disturbing your views while browsing.
2. Colorful Tabs
By adding this Plug-in, then the tab display in Firefox you will be colorful and more comfortable views, just cool, just try.
3. Download Statusbar
Want to see the progress of the files you download without opening a new tab that often interfere? Please install this adds on.
4. Fasterfox
Use this Plug-in if you want to speed up your browsing speed.
5. Flashblock
This plug-in will block flash files on sites, especially media sites? Block this plug in.
6. Fzami
This plugin will be useful to remind prayer time for you.
Some websites require this Plug-in to display the best results for Firefox users.
8. Autocopy
By using this Plug-in, Firefox will automatically copy the text that has been blocked.
Fire Uploader
With this Plug-in you can upload or download videos, pictures or document files from any site including Flickr, Google Picasa Albums, YouTube, Facebook,
10. Gmail Manager
This plug-in is very useful for GMail account owners. You can set up various GMail accounts from Firefox and monitor whether there are new e-mails or not. Some of the interesting features of this plug-in are:
* Automatically login and open inbox with just one click.
* Displays the number of unread emails in the inbox.
* List of 10 most recent messages.
* Brings up alerts when new mail arrives.
* Customize the icon in the toolbar / statusbar.
11. Foxmarks
This plug-in lets you access your bookmarks on any computer because this plug-in will keep a copy of your bookmarks on the server. This plug-in will be very useful for you who often use a different computer.
12. IE Tab
There are some websites that can only run on Internet Explorer (IE) browser. So inevitably you have to use IE. Firefox provides a plug-in called IE Tab. With this plug-in you can open a new tab which is the IE tab in the Firefox browser, without having to open the IE window.
With this Plug-in you guys blogs can do your blogging activities via FireFox.
Probably the first plug-in I recommend for you, maybe the latest version already exists, if you're interested in searching or adding other plug-ins, you can find it directly on the FireFox Add-Ons =
With this Plug-in you guys blogs can do your blogging activities via FireFox.
Probably the first plug-in I recommend for you, maybe the latest version already exists, if you're interested in searching or adding other plug-ins, you can find it directly on the FireFox Add-Ons = https: //addons.mozilla site. Org.
Changing the bandwidth settings on windows (in Windows XP)
Basically the windows OS has limited bandwidth for internet connection as much as 20% of total bandwidth that should be maximized, if neither want to increase internet bandwidth so that the connection feels faster and faster can be by reducing or emptying the bandwidth limits so that in Windows we can maximum in Using existing bandwidth.
The instructions below:
1. Click Start
2. Click Run
Type gpedit.msc
4. Then click Ok
5. After entering click (open) Administrative Templates
6. Then click (open) Network
7. Once open, click QoS Packet scheduler
8. Then click Limit Reservable Bandwidth
9. And once open change the setting to Enable
10. Then change the Bandwidth Limit to 0
11. Click Apply, and keep Ok
12. Then exit and Restart the computer
. Use Google Chrome browser or Apple Safari
The latest version of the Chrome and Safari browser is very fast when compared to Firefox or Internet Explorer (it has been tried and proven to be much faster). My suggestion is to use Google Chrome because in addition to being fast, Chrome is safer than Safari, although in some ways Safari is sometimes faster than Chrome.
If netter is used to using Firefox and do not want to switch to the browser again, can add Add-on "Adblock" to block ads, images, and flash active. There are some more Add-ons from Firefox like NoScript that can speed up internet access, but unfortunately if most add-ons just, sometimes even slow down access from Firefox browser itself.
. Maximize browser cache up to 5% of Harddisk or 1 - 2 GB capacity
This method proved effective to speed up browser access. The logic is that the browser does not need every time loading images and trivial every time you visit a site that has been visited, because if the site has been visited will be automatically cached by the browser.

see video related to this post, sourced from

This method only applies if netter hard drive capacity is big enough. In general, each browser there that can  set cache capacity, there is automatic. If netter browser doesn't have set cache option, it means netter not often (or unnecessarily) clear history in browser.