Friday, 25 August 2017

WordPress Security

WordPress Security
WordPress Security
Most Basic WordPress Security Tips. WordPress is the most widely used CMS (Content Management System) platform today. This means that with the number of users, the more people who understand and continue to learn various wordpress coding.

Plus the open source wordpress platform makes everyone can Improve various codes in it. Of course, this makes two consequences at once. First, more secure wordpress security because of a very large community that continues to improve wordpress capabilities. Second, The threat of irresponsible people trying to hack, hijacking etc.

Therefore, there are basic things that we must understand to secure wordpress. Among them.

WordPress Security: Routine Update
WordPress is a community driven community where a lot of communities and developers who use and develop wordpress. So that once known there is a bug or a malicious hole wordpress will soon update. That's why we should immediately update wordpress as soon as release update out.

Update is not only necessary from the core or wordpress engine, plugins updates are also vital for plugins made by many developers. Update plugins in addition to making the compatibility side as well to lighten the server kinerje. Do not use plugins that have not been updated by the manufacturer.

WordPress Security: Password Combination
Password is the main key wordpress, make a password that consists of combining letters numbers, characters, large small letters. Unique passwords will be very hard to crack. Avoid using common words or pretty numbers because it will be easy to guess.

WordPress Security: Back up, back up, and back up
There is no safest system in the world and we are not always sheltered by luck therefore do back up regularly both file and database. Do back up with various options, start backing up via Cpanel or through ftp download to computer, or download with plugins to various hardisk space provider sites such as drop box and google drive.

Backing up is very important already many great website stories with millions of visitors disappeared without any scarcity due to a damaged server hard drive or hosting company hit the disaster and others. In addition back up can we use to save if our website is hacked. Make a daily or weekly back up routine.

Authors usually back up daily for databases and full back up on a weekly basis. Back up files to computer and via drop box or goole drive.

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