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Wordpress Themes Free

Wordpress Themes Free
Wordpress Themes Free

A Template is a view on a website or blog, a template useful to beautify the look of your blog so that can attract visitors what else if the template is very light, there are many types of templates, which have advantages and disadvantages.
A good template is a template that has good and light response and has simple navigation.
Choose a template that matches the topic of the site, no need to have too much unnecessary navigation in order not to confuse the visitor.
On the wordpress dashboard itself, there are many templates that can be installed for free, but if you want a different template you can visit at the following address:
Is the official site of wordpress that provides a lot of free templates with elegant design and a simple look.
There are so many new templates that can be obtained for free.
Also provides many of the latest free templates and much favored by wordpress platform users.

How do I install a template?
After selecting the preferred template or has been downloaded then we have to install the template. The way is quite easy and easy to learn, the theme or the default template of wordpress maybe you do not like, then from that you can install your favorite template to your wordpress, this time I will share my personal experience about editing or install template downloaded earlier to wordpress. Org you, before you install wordpress theme, the absolute requirement that you have to meet is you must have your own hosting, whether istu hosting free and premium hosting, but I suggest to use a premium hosting, because of course premium quality and free  clearly different

  Once you have your own hosting, then there is a must install wordpress to our hosting, how to use Softaculous and Fantastico, to how can I search on google first, later if there is time I share, then after that go into your account and change the template wp pal, For details see the tutorial below

How to install and change the template downloaded to wordpress
1. First, please go to the browser buddy then type the name of your blog. This time I whisper will exemplify to replace our blog that is by writing / wp-admin.

2. When it is entered into the initial view, then you can continue with how to select "appreance" then select themes

3. Next you can choose themes that are available or tailored to your needs. For example you can open add news. On this page then you can choose according to your needs. Select Search then you can choose the display color, column, layout or other.

4. Then next you can also choose themes in featured, newest or recently updated. When it is selected then you can click on the theme you choose and then install .You can open your blog and adjust to the themes you have selected.

For more details please buddy note the following photos:

How To Install / Replace WordPress Templates Easily

see video related to this post, sourced from

So easy way to install or replace wordpress template, please try it, oh yes, so you can do this then you must have your own hosting. Hopefully tutorial how to change wordpress template is useful for you

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