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Wordpress Themes

What is the meaning of wordpress theme?
WordPress theme is page design and layout of blog based wordpress, wordpress theme is a combination of HTML files, CSS, PHP, pictures and other files. WordPress theme (wordpress theme) one with the other has its own character so that theme one with the other will be different

How to change wordpress themes?
If you have a WordPress website, you want to change the template to make it look more attractive and elegant. You can with templates easily through a few steps.
Directly on the topic of changing or changing the wordpress template.
What do you need?
Before you begin the step in this tutorial, make sure that you:
1. Have access to the WordPress dashboard
2. Using the WordPress Self-Hosted blog

There are two ways to replace WordPress templates that will be covered in this tutorial.
The first way with Installing WordPress templates via the dashboard
If you are going to install or replace the template with the free version, it can be via the live dashboard.

1. Please login to admin area of ​​WordPress, then select menu Apperance> Themes> Add New.
How to change wordpress template
How to change wordpress template

2. Select the template you want to install. You can search it through the search field. After finding the template you want to use, please click Install. Of course, do not forget to activate it.
Installing WordPress templates
3. After the installation process is complete, please to activate template by pressing Activate button.
activate template
In this step, your template has changed according to the new look. You can check it out by accessing your domain.

The second way to replace WordPress template by installing WordPress Template with Upload File
How to change wordpress template in addition to the installation directly from the list of templates directory on the dashboard, you can also install the template as a .zip file.

This step is useful when you want to replace a WordPress template with a paid version. The list of templates on the dashboard so far is only available for the free version. So if you're going to install a paid template it needs to upload itself in the form of a .zip file.

We do not recommend that you use pirated templates because it is very vulnerable in terms of security, for example more vulnerable to virus malware. Make sure the template you want to install comes from a trusted source
1. the first step of downloading the template you want to install. After the .zip file has been downloaded, please upload it via the WordPress dashboard in the Apperance> Themes menu and click the Add New button.
How to change wordpress theme
2. Next step, choose Upload Theme> Browse button and select the template you have downloaded as .zip file, click Install Now button.
How to install theme
3. After the installation process is complete, activate the template by pressing Activate
Replace the wordpress template
In this step, how to change the WordPress template with the download result has been successfully done. Views of your website has also changed with a new look.

After successfully completing the step in the tutorial how to change this WordPress template, we hope this tutorial can help the installation process of your WordPress blog with new template.

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