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WordPress Tutorial: How to Create Multisite With Subdomain

In this post I will share a simple tutorial how to create a multisite wordpress with subdomain. Previously already understand what is meant by WordPress Multi Site?
So, multisite wordpress it is making a lot of websites with one dashboard, one domain, distinguished each web with its sub domain.
Indeed what is the need for multisite, create a lot of web in one domain? Many things, for seo purposes is to maintain the main domain of the niche that we prioritize, this relates to the authority site. So, if we want to discuss the other outside the niche in our main domain, we can use the web is different from the sub domain of our main domain.

Example: eg web (this is non wordpress) he has a multisite with subdomain that each subdomain has a different niche different, there ada and others.

5 Easy Steps to WordPress Multisite Setup
To make your wordpress web multisite on many subdomains, you just need to do these 4 steps, simple and easy of course. You only need about 5 minutes to perform the 4 installation steps below:
1. Backup wp-config.php and .htacces
Backup both files is important, wp-congfig.php and .htacces, to avoid the things that are not desirable. If there is damage to your wordpress then you only need to replace these two files only with the original file you backup.
2. Enable Multisite Mode
To enable this mode you have to go to your wp-config wordpress file. Enter wpconfig.php search the sentence below:

/ * That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. *
Then enter this code above it
Define ('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

After that save wp-config.php then the appearance like this
Script enable multisite wordpress mode

3. Installing WordPress Multisite Network
Then the next step after you enter the above code please refresh your wordpress it will appear a network setup panel on your wordpress dashboard.
network setup
After that do the settings, select sub-domains or sub-directories, then fill in the network name and email administrator after that click install.
4. Replace wpconfig and .htaccess
Then after click install will appear what should you enter / replace the existing script in wp-config.php and .htaccess file (remember, make sure you backup earlier).
How to Create Multisite With Subdomain

How to Create Multisite With Subdomain
Copy all the above code to wp-config, php in your cpanel.

Copy above code in .htaccess in your cpanel.
If it's all, click Log in then you will be directed to the wp-login login to re-login.
How to Create Multisite With Subdomain

5. DNS Wilcard (If you just chose sub-domains)
If you've chosen sub-domains during network setup then you have to setup a DNS wilcard for your sub domains so that your sub-domains can work properly.

How to Create Multisite With Subdomain
All you do is just go to cpanel, click the subdomain, then fill in the "*" star and point the document root to where your wordpress file is located. If already click create.

Up here you can create a new web on a new subdomain in admin dinetwork settings by entering the desired domain.
How to Create Multisite With Subdomain
If when you open a new multisite web you just created an error like this do not panic, it's a natural thing, sometimes it takes time to adjust, leave it alone and return a few hours later until the web can be opened normally.

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