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Wordpress Tutorial

Wordpress Tutorial

Instead of reading a tutorial and memorizing each step is practicing it. This time I want to share about tutorial to create a blog with wordpress platform, my impression using wordpress is apparently using wordpress very easy and with adjustable settings.

Previously there's a good idea you know a little about what is wordpress, so later easier in understanding about the terms on wordpress at the time of using it. Understand slowly and practice.

Well, let's go on the topic of Creating Wordpress Tutorials In WordPress.Com 2017
Visit the manufacturer's site here Wait for it to open as shown below:

Then click the get started button, wait until the display looks like this!
Creating WordPress

In this session is step 0 of 5, the stage we must pass
There are 4 options
1. Start with a blog
2. Start with a site
3. Start with a portfolio
4. Start with an online store
Please decide for yourself what you will make.

In this tutorial I will create a blog Then I will choose the number 1. Then the display will appear like the following picture.
Creating WordPress

Please adjust to proceed to the next step. Here I choose the first choice option.
Choosing a WordPress Theme

Choose one of the themes provided by wordpress to start or select from hundreds of other themes after you sign up. Wait for the page to appear to determine blog title.
Wordpress address

Notice the message that appears "Enter the name of your site, or some keywords that explain that we will use it to create your new site address"

Fill in the name of the column, this name will be the address used to find a site that you build. "Here I want to build a site called Krustykrab"
Krustykrab - wordpress

Important information
If to learn we use a free course can be Upgraded.
But if for business, please choose your own appropriate name and there are frills "Included in premium, and to continue it we will be charged with the following conditions:
Best for Personal Use: $ 4 / billed yearly
Best for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers: $ 8.25 /
Best for Small Businesses: $ 24.92 / billed yearly
Because of our need just to learn we use the free, yet later we can also upgrade it.
Wordpress free

Please choose a free it will show up the email address and password to enter our wordpress dashboard.
Charging Identity Address - wordpress

Please enter an active email address.
For the second column is your name or web address later
Choose words that are easy to remember but hard to guess, to keep confidential.
Starting wordpress

Please press continue, at this stage we just wait a moment for the process of website , after that will appear our wordpress dashboard page.
Wordpress dashboard

To understand a bit about the key functions on the dashboard please read the dashboard wordpress.

Well we already have a blog with wordpress platform, not easy. Not until 15 minutes.

As this is more or less in making WordPress website at Hopefully you can understand 

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