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Wordpress Website

Wordpress Website
Wordpress Website
Understanding WordPress?
There are many internet users are no stranger to wordpress. Namuan, not a few Internet users who do not know about wordpress sense. To know about wordpress read the article about understanding wordpress.

Wordpress relates to the world of blogging, online business and others, there are many benefits and business opportunities by using wordpress. Many online store owners, product promo online, blogger using wordpress platform as the media.

Already many people know about tools for blogging for free, wordpress is one of the open source is widely used because the content management system based on MySQL and PHP that runs on the webhosting facility. Compared to other webhosting service providers wordpress has many features including themes, plugins, multi-user, multi-blogging, and much more. In the template settings many options ranging from free to paid.

Simply wordpress can be interpreted a web application that is used to create a web site or blog, wordpress much chosen by professional bloggers to maximize all the tools available and can be used to facilitate the work. Tool used when using wordpress called plugin

Wordpress dashboard
Functions of Wordpress Features
There are several features of wordpress that need to be known along with its function:
1. Dashboard as a central control panel that exists on the WordPress platform.
2. Post serves as to edit blog posts and otherwise useful for posting blog content in the form of articles, pictures, or video.
3. Media is a tool used to saving files on wordporess platform.
4. Links serves to store links on blogs that use the WordPress service.
5. Comments on the WordPress feature is useful for disabling, editing comments on Wordpress blog platform.
6. Appearance is used to change the theme or appearance on the blog and to edit the performance of the blog.
7. Tools is a facility that serves to manage the blog.
8. Settings feature on wordpress that dungakan to change blogs that are operated.
9. Upgrades is a feature on wordpress that is used to turn a free version of a blog into paid or premium.

Wordpresst is a widely recommended website provider for making blogging by professional bloggers. Banyank Internet users use wordpress to earn money from the internet from personal websites.

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Hopefully useful, an article about wordpress website.

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