Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Wordpress Zendesk

wordpress zendesk
At this time post will discuss about zendesk. Zendesk popular customer support and other system tickets for business. It supports teams, some products, docs, and works very well with WordPress-based sites. Zendesk for WordPress makes it possible to seamlessly integrate Zendesk customer support systems into your WordPress site.

Zendesk is a web-based ticketing system that offers smart solutions to ticket management and help desk issues. TeamViewer integration expands this product with the queuing feature of TeamViewer services that are useful and lets you connect with and help your customers right from the ticket.
This allows a user login on your WordPress site to access the helpdesk without switching accounts. You can view the tickets on your WordPress dashboard. You can even convert comments into support tickets. This plugin also allows you to add the Dropbox Zendesk tab to every page on your WordPress site.

With TeamViewer integrating directly with Zendesk, you can manage and start all support cases from one place. Easily connect with customers from within Zendesk tickets. Customers start the session with just one simple click and do not have to worry about downloading, sessions, ID or whatever.

TeamViewer integration features  Feature Icon, Create and join live support sessions in Zendesk. Insert session link into Zendesk ticket. Your customers are connected with just one simple click.
View an overview of open Zendesk sessions inside your TeamViewer client and TeamViewer Management Console.

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If you want to start using the following zendesk link that can be used   zendesk

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wordpress zendesk is the best with internet security