Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Jura font amazing for design website Jura comes in four different sizes, so it will work fine for anything!

Daniel Johnson wanted to create the Roman alphabet using the same kind of strokes and curves as Kayah Li's glyphs. Jura was born and has been expanded to include glyphs for Cyrillic and Greek alphabets. It's available in light, books, media, and demibold size.

Font free webdesign font amazing for design
Font free webdesign font amazing for design
The League of Moveable Type For Web fonts
Originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton for the American Type Founders Company in 1903, the League Gothic has been made more lively for The League of Moveable Type. Thanks to the commissions of, it has been revised and updated with contributions from Micah Kaya, Tyler Finck, and Dannci, who have contributed extra glyphs.

opensans font for website design
opensans font for website design

This free web font is fresh, clean and optimized for web and mobile

Designed by Steve Matteson, the type of director of Ascender Corp., this humanist font sans serif boasts with great readability even on small sizes, and has been optimized for web and mobile interfaces. This Free web font has an upright shape, with open letterforms and neutral - friendly appearance that ensures flexibility for the reader.

Signika font font of choice in helping you create website design
Signika font font of choice in helping you create website design

Free Signika web fonts are designed with a sense of clarity
In the tradition set by the likes of Meta and Tahoma, Anna Giedry designed Signica with signage and wayfinding, where clarity is the key. This is a free sans serif sans web font with low contrast and high x-heights, well-translated quality to the wide character display screen, pictogram and arrows.


Josefinslab one of the 5 best fonts of website designThe x -height font of this free web is his half high hat

Drawing on trends for 1930 - a geometric style with some typography adds a Scandinavian flavor, the typical Santiago Orozco slab serif carries a distinctive typewriter 's sans serif feel, and the free web letters are probably best suited for displaying usage. Incredibly, x -height Josefin is half of his top height

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