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9 Facilities That Must Be Available in Your Online Store

9 Facilities That Must Be Available in Your Online Store
If you have an online store then your online store is required to have facilities that can facilitate consumers shop at your online store, also can increase consumer confidence in your online store so they are sure that your online store is not used to cheat. The main facilities that you should provide are facilities that can help users to find the products they are looking for and transact or shop at your online store.

Online store is one of the media that is very suitable once used to market the product through the internet, there are many free sites such as online store or market place that you can use to promote products that you will sell, such as, bukalapak. com, kaskus fjb forum and other market place, you can market your products in these marketplace sites, but if you have enough capital you can provide personal online store to market your product.

9 Facilities That Must Be Available in Your Online Store
Marketing a product in a market place is likely to be enough if the product you market is a product in small scale, seasonal product or indeed you want to sell certain goods, and with the help of market place site fact is indeed able to accelerate the process of buying and selling transactions against the goods offered so goods or products you sell quickly sell, but if you have your own product brand and your product number of many kinds and kinds, in addition to marketing products in your marketplace you are required to have their own online store, the goal so that your sales look professional, more trusted by consumers and your brand will be easy to recognize.

This facility is required in your online store
Whatever product you sell if your product is a large scale physical product, it is advisable to create an online store as a medium to market your product. If you make an online store do not forget the following facilities must be in your online store:

1. Secure Access (HTTPS) for your online store URL.
HTTPS is a secure protocol that can be used to address blog or website urls, online stores should be strongly recommended to use HTTPS protocols to increase consumer confidence and to make transactions in your online store more secure.

If your site uses https then your site can be accessed through, your site will be more secure and can increase consumer confidence.

2. Provide Data categories of goods
Category of goods allows your blog visitors to find the goods they are looking for, so with the availability of categories of goods they are easier to determine the goods by selecting the list of categories that are available so much easier to browse the data items contained in your online store.

3. Provide search facility.
This is the most important facility that must be in your online store, the goal is to make it easier for visitors to find the goods they are looking for, they can find the goods in your online store quickly just by typing the name of the goods they search in the search box.

4. Provide instructions on how to purchase.
Instructions on how to purchase are valuable information for consumers or visitors to your blog who happen to be interested in purchasing the goods you market in your online store, the information on how to purchase will give consumers confidence that the way they buy is right.

5. Provide facilities To make Purchase Transaction
A good online store is an online store that comes with uncluttered shopping and easy transactions, to provide convenience to potential customers it is recommended that you provide facilities for secure transactions, such as providing transaction forms or consumer memberships and facilities to facilitate other transactions.

6. Provide your offline store information clearly.
If by chance you have an offline store, also provide information about your offline store biodata from full address and phone number and photographs showing your online store, providing offline store information will further increase the confidence in consumers that your online store site is not a site fraud.

7. Provide Your Contact Information
other important information is contact information provide contact information such as no. phone or mobile phone, social media contacts such as BBM, facebook whatsapp, email, this is to give consumers the opportunity to interact or communicate directly with you.

8. Provide information of bestsellers
The best selling item or product information will provide information and can increase the confidence of the goods so that the consumer could be interested in the product

9. Provide testimonial information from your customers. If you have information about testimonials about the items you are successful in selling, say testimonials of your chat messages with your customers until the transaction takes place, you can look at your online store to increase the prospect's confidence in your online store that stores Your online is not a cheater shop.

There are a lot of scattered sites online store on the internet unfortunately there is a genuine and there is also only used for fraud media, so you should be able to convince potential buyers or visitors to your blog that your online store is an online store that actually sells goods and not online shop of frauds, over time, if you are consistent and able to survive the eyes of your online store brand will eventually be known from the mouth of kemulut and reputation of your online store will gradually increase so that anyone will not hesitate to shop at your online store.

The facilities described above are the facilities that you have to provide in your online store so that visitors more easily find the goods they are looking for and increase the confidence of visitors to your online store so that visitors interested in shopping in your online store, may be useful.

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