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Allow Adsense Ads on Blogs that have been banned Adsense Banned

Adsense Banned
Adsense Banned

There is a question from a blogger friend who happens to have a successful adsense account for the umpteenth time, because the previous adsennya account in banned. He asks if it is okay to install adsense ads on blogs that used to be fitted ads from adsense accounts that have been banned? Safe or not ?, maybe a situation like this you are experiencing, therefore we will try to discuss in this article hopefully can answer the restless and anxious that you experience.

Please note that there are 2 types banned against google adsense the first is banned account level and the second is banned site level, both have different consequences, if experienced is banned the account level then it means adsense ads will never be able to run again on any blog which you install adsense account, and also the registrant during the identification of the same owner of the adsense account that was never banned actually not allowed back for adsense list and will never be accepted until at any time except using other people's biodata.

May install adsense ads on blogs whose account adsensenya banned
 Baned account level occurs because google thinks the owner of a violation of adsense account policies such as click on his own ads or advertise in locations that do not comply with the policy. The consequence is the adsense account will be non-active but the blog can still be used to monetize adsense account is still active.

While banned site level that means the site is causing banned could be because the content of sites that violate the adsense policy, or any warning from adsense that never ignored to be corrected so that blogs are banned, if baned site rate occurs then adsense account will never appear on the site or the site or blog that dibanned will never be monetized by google adsense, but adsense account is still active and ads from adsense account can still be installed on other blogs that are not banned.

What if the blog has been fitted with adsense account dibaned whether it can be fitted ads from the other adsense account?
Banned adsense account is not going to make their blog banned, so the blog can still display adsense ads, and still be used for monetization by google adsense, but really can be fitted ads from the  other adsense account ?. For this case there are some opinions submitted by some bloggers who have experienced similar situations.

Opinion 1: Some bloggers consider it a blog that adsensenya account never dibanned if fitted adsense ads from othera ccounts then adsense account and also blog will be banned.

Opinion 2: While others say that the blog adsense account will be safe as long as sipemilik adsense account has never detected the owner of the adsense account that had been banned.

I personally more agree to the opinion of the 2, I think personally allowed a blog that adsensenya account never banned adsense ads fitted from another adsense account, but if the new adsense account whose ads will be installed on the blog is still owned by the publisher who once banned should be careful, do not let google detect that the owner of the active adsense account is still the same person, because if it is detected still the same people the risk may be more severe banned adsense account and also banned blog.

My advice, if your active adsense account is still yours should avoid things that can cause google know that the active adsense account belongs to people who have been banned, for example, never open the login to the adsense account on the computer used to  open adsense before, because google detection is very sophisticated even according to google news can detect from your habits in using social media and so forth.

So long as the adsense account is considered to belong to other publisher, then the account and also the blog will be safe will not be banned, the incidents experienced by some publishers who account and also blogs banned for install adsense ads on the first blog adsense account was banned most likely due he detected still the same person who has been banned adsennya account, so yes account and also blog banned by adsense. because it does google does not allow the publisher who has been banned to have adsense account for the second time.

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Similarly about whether or not to install adsense ads on blogs that have fitted adsense banned. hopefully the above information is useful for you.

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