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Best Placement Locations for Google Adsense Ads

The right method in getting the maximum number of clicks one of the strategies we can use is to find the best location of google adsense ad placement, there are two alternatives that we can use to place google adsense ads within the blog, the first is to use widgets and the second is the ad code inserted in the template code, the placement of ads in both ways is not prohibited alias beleh-okay as long as we do not damage the ad code structure provided by google adsense, if we put ads in the template code we must first memparsing adsense ads code, so the ad code can received by the blog template code, whereas if we place the ads through the help of widgets, the ad code can directly plug in the corresponding widget code.

Best Placement Locations for Google Adsense Ads
Best Placement Locations for Google Adsense Ads

There are some locations that are good enough if we use to put google adsense ads, all focused on the location that is considered really a lot of attention from visitors, the following locations are ideal enough to place adsense ads on the blog:

1. Above Articles
The location is good enough and proven to get the highest clicks when compared to other locations is the location above the article, right above before the article, the left side or right next to the article posting, this location is a location that gets the attention of visitors when they start reading the article, at least Just before a visitor reads an article, he or she can see the ad that appears, and this provides an opportunity for the ad to get clicks from visitors.

To put the google adsense ads code on that location we need to memparse first google adsense ads that we get, then through our blog template code pairs of ads on the location in question, for this location blog does not provide widgets and indeed on this location widget can we involve, one way is through the HTML code blog template, but we must first memparse ad code to be accepted by the blog template concerned, otherwise the ad code can not be saved, parse advertising for this way is still allowed due we do not alter the structure of the ad code, when ads appear ads still have the same code structure before the ad we parse, parse only change certain code to be accepted by the template, not change the structure of the ad code.

2. Medium article
Equally important is to put the ads in the middle of the article, this location is considered the best location, because the ads will be immediately visible when visitors read blog articles, and the opportunity to get ad clicks on an area is very good. But still to put the fish in this area need to use the blog template code, therefore, just as we put the ads above the side of the article posting, the ads need to diparse first so that the ad code can be accepted by the blog template code.

3. Below After posting.
The best location is one more is below after the post ends, this location is considered as a strategic location to place adsense ads, because this location will get a lot of attention of visitors like the location above and middle article, at least we should use this location as well as possible so that the opportunity to get ad clicks are getting better as well.

4. In the sidebar
Sidebar we use and is very potential to put navigation widgets like a popular post, arcive and other widgets, widgets are commonly used to help users to facilitate in finding the required articles so they can find the articles they need, indirectly the sidebar is an area that gets a lot of attention after the content or content of the article and this we can use to place the adsense ad unit, and the location of the adsense ad unit in this area tends to get a relatively good number of clicks.

To place an article in the width we can use widgets because widget support for the sidebar area, to put adsense ad units in this area we simply add widgets and select widgets for HTML / Javascript, we put the ad unit adsense code in the widget without the need to parse first.

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