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Comments on blogs are an essential part of almost every WordPress site. It is important to have your comments free of spam and display your comment page at the bottom of your page or post. In this tutorial I will provide detailed information on how to moderate and secure your comments, how to manage comments per post or page, how to use external comment service and more.

when comment settings are enabled (by default) your visitors can share their opinions on your content below your posts and Here's what's called a comment. A great comment on the content on your website will make the article a part of your popular article and also show how your visitors are very interested in the article you write.
The way your comments are displayed on your site depends on your WordPress comment settings and on the WordPress theme you are currently using.

Pingbacks comment is When people quote or use your entire blog post and connect to you, WordPress automatically sends pingback to content writers. This way you can track who is connected to you. Also in this way the source of the article is known. You will see ping back in the Comment section of your WordPress admin area. They will be listed among the regular comments. You can distinguish ping back from regular comments as it will display text links to your site automatically placed in square brackets by WordPress.
pingback wordpress trackback
pingback wordpress trackback

The settings available for your comment are listed under Settings »Discussion in your WordPress admin panel.
wordpress comment settings
wordpress comment settings

On this page, there are some important settings that you need to change depending on your needs:

Allow people to post comments on new articles - This setting handles whether comments under new posts are enabled or disabled by default. Note that enabling or disabling comments below certain posts or pages will override these settings.
Comment must be manually approved - if you want to moderate every comment that goes to your site before it is automatically displayed, enable this option.
Show Avatar - by default, WordPress will connect email addresses with your Avatar and visitor comments to his / her on Gravatar if you and they have them. With this option, you can hide or show an avatar next to your comment.

Using the Akismet plugin for your WordPress site is one of the first things you should do, this akismet plugin is automatically installed when you first install wordpress.
akismet anti spam wordpress
akismet anti spam wordpress

Spam is a global problem and often occurs in WordPress comments, where bots try to include full fake content links to their sites. Akismet is an external service to combat spam. It has an email database, IP address and name used to send spam. When your website visitors submit a comment, it will automatically be checked by Akismet and put in a special Spam folder if it matches the criteria that the comment is spam. The first thing you should do is go to the Akismet website and get the Key for that plugin.

Once you have your Key, go back to the admin panel of your WordPress site and enable the Akismet plugin. If you need help with Plugins installation, please read the above article I have linked to the Akismet usage tutorial article.

On the next page, just enter Akismet key and press Use this key.

That's it, your Akismet plugin is set up and works on your WordPress site. You will see this confirmation and information about the status of the Akismet server.

Sometimes, you may want to disable comments for certain pages or posts. For example, your Contact Us page is in the form of a simple form that should not have a comment field underneath. In such cases, you can disable comments for certain posts or specific pages. To do this, go to the post / page itself and scroll down until you reach the Discussion menu and uncheck Allow Comments and Allow pingbacks and Trackback to hide the comment field on any posts or pages you want.

disable comment wordpress Here is a complete guide about wordpress comments, hopefully this article useful and you understand in full about the comments on wordpress