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How old is Blog to join Google AdSense?

Ads from Google adsense to date has become a very popular advertising media in the world especially in the country of Indonesia, to become a publisher google adsense is not easy because the adsense will review first blog that we register for the adsense monetization, there are some requirements for the blog can be accepted by adsense, but google adsense team does not clearly specify the requirements one by one, but that must be considered is a blog that we register not a blog related to things that violate google adsense policies, and one more blog that we register should not be a coffee blog paste, a clear blog that we need to prepare is a blog that is really qualified, own business writing and presentation of the informative, and not a wordpress blog. Thus, our chances of being accepted into google adsense publisher will be more wide open.
How old is Blog to join Google AdSense?
So, if we talk about the fairs to get accepted google adsense, explicitly google does not explain in detail, but what we must prepare at least refer from the experience of the bloggers who have never received google adsense. Actually, if we look for a lot of references about the terms accepted google adsense, the information we get from one blog to another blog sometimes there are the same and there are also different, A blog explains that it is one of the requirements to be accepted, but not in the article blog B, but we should consider because I believe the information presented is the experience of the bloggers when they successfully accepted into google adsense publisher.

Does the blog have to wait 6 months to join in adsense
Regarding the Terms of acceptance of blogs for adsense monetized, there is one requirement that is still a lot of questioned about the age of blogs, whether the age of blogs is one factor is accepted or not google adsense registration?

The results of some references, I get the information, that the age of the blog could be as one factor received google adsense, but I myself think that factors received google adsense not only at the age of blog but there are other factors considered by google, but it seems if we want to use the blog age benchmark, then I think that the older age of blogs that we register then it will be better and likely accepted by google adsense, but I say once again, blog age is not the only sayarat received google adsense, there are many factors that until now not disclosed explicitly, because some cases of blogs with age more than 6 months though sometimes not accepted by the team google adsense, and blogs with age less than a week there is also acceptable by google adsense.

How old is Blogspot to join Google AdSense?
 If you want to register to be a google adsense publisher, you should prepare the terms with mature, from the beginning of article presentation, to the age of the blog, but if you think about the age of the blog, and your blog still looks new, you can try to register to google adsense, if your blog is considered inadequate, at least will be rejected by the adsense, but calm you can apply again in the future with the same blog, after you meet the requirements of the rejection received from google adsense.

But the best step is, if your blog is newly aged less than 1 a month you should not rush to register google adsense, wait your blog until reaching the age of 3 months, while you present the quality articles in it, thus the opportunity will be accepted the greater it is.

Whatever you can try, if you fail you stay fix what is felt by google adsense party.

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So a simple article about How old is the Blog to join Google AdSense ?, hopefully useful.

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