Wednesday, 27 September 2017


This wordpress tutorial I will explain about how to add various buttons / buttons in wordpress without you need to know about css and HTML and without shortcode. Most people are not familiar with HTML / CSS. This is why WordPress plugins are very useful for adding tables or buttons. There are many plugins out there that allow you to add buttons for your posts and pages using shortcodes.

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin.

Please note that this plugin requires WordPress 3.9 or higher. If you are using an older version, then you need to update WordPress if you want to use this plugin.

After you enable this plugin, just create a new post or edit an existing one, and you'll see a new button in the Visual Editor labeled Insert Button.
button plugin Shortcode Buttons
button plugin Shortcode Buttons
To insert a new button in your post, you need to click on the Insert button. This will bring up a pop-up window where you can design your new button.
tutorial plugin Shortcode Buttons
tutorial plugin Shortcode Buttons
All you need to do is add text buttons and URLs, and then select the text and background color. After that click on the Type drop down menu to select the model button. You can also choose extra button size from small to large.

If you click on the Icons tab, then you will be able to see icons that you can add before or after the text on your button. This is the actual icon of the font icon.

During the process, you will be able to see  a live preview of the button you created. Once you are satisfied with the view, just click on Insert.

You will be able to see your button as it will appear in your post, right in  inside the post editor. You can only select the button text and use the sync icon in the editor to align it to center, left, or right. Double click on the button will pop up the Insert Button popup, and you can re-edit your button if you like. May be useful.

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