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With WordPress you can add various kinds of media to your post, you can Add images, photos, videos and music to your posts very easily. In this article I will show you how to add images to your WordPress post.

Please make a new post or open a post that you created earlier. Click on the text where you want to add the image or other media content and click on the Add Media button at the top left of your editor menu. In this example I will insert the image and place the image before the main paragraph.
how to add media to wordpress
how to add media to wordpress

WordPress Insert Media pop-up will appear. Click the Select file button to grab your file on your computer, or you can drag your image and place it in that area, it will automatically upload.

After selecting a local file, WordPress will upload and refresh the page depending on the file format. For the purpose of this tutorial we will add the image to the post. For pictures there are two things you should do. First, give a description of the image - and also do not forget to fill in his Alt tags as this will be good for image SEO, as well as title. If you fill in Captions mak Description will appear below the picture in your post.

After you do that, you need to specify attachment settings or attach images:
Alignment: How to set the image position in your content. It depends on which theme you are using actually.
Link to: Choose where to connect the image if the click will go where, but for this setting I suggest to choose none.
Size: When you upload a picture, WordPress creates multiple copies of the image in various sizes. Choose whether you want thumbnails, medium size images or full images added to your posts.
add images to wordpress

After you enter the information for your image and choose how to visualize in your post, click the Insert to post button. You will see an image added to your editor window.

Now you can update your post and see the front of your site and see the results. You will see newly added pictures added to your post.

In the same way as above, you can also add music and videos to your posts. Here is a wordpress tutorial how to add images to post wordpress, hopefully this article helps and useful for you.
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