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one of the problems that bloggers experience is about plagiarism. What is Plagiarism? Pplagiarism is a serious problem that must exist when you want to make a paper or plagiarism intentionally or unintentionally could be your problem and law here or if you make a paper for study assignment, your paper can be rejected.

There is a sophisticated plagiarism checker tool "Plagscout" that you can use to check your documents. This plagscout would be very suitable for those of you who are taking education. So while you're working on writing, you can easily use plagscout to hatch your writing first before being submitted to a lecturer or teacher at your educational institution making the paper you created does not get a bad score because of the problem of plagiarism

And for lecturers or teachers who are in the process of their work can more easily use the plagscout because quickly a teacher will be able to check their writing if it is detected as plagiarism.

Well, to avoid this plagiarism problem then in this article I will review the complete about plagscout, what features are offered and how to use plagiarism plagiarism service plagscout.

Plagscout is a free tool that can be arranged or composed writing plagiarism by others easily and quickly online. Plagscout was created to reduce the practice of plagiarism by some irresponsible people or to avoid plagiarizing your writing from other sources. No matter what your writing is either a blog article, a scientific paper, a paper, a thesis or a study assignment, all documents can be listed by Plagscout.
Plagscout feature
Plagscout is an advanced tool that has many excellent features that can easily detect text that is indicated as plagiarism writing by showing parts of sentences detected as plagiarism will be marked by color as well as showing links or links to the source of the website page that matches the part of your writing . This tool is certainly mandatory for you to use when you finish making an article or document of scientific work to check if your writing is completely free from plagiarism so you will not get plagiarism problem in the future.

Plagscout also offers special accounts for educational institutions or other companies that want to have a special plagiarism checker tool that can process 1 million more documents per year with 640 more repositories. Plagscout for this institution can be used directly from the web plagscout, using APIs or can also be installed in third party applications such as Moodle LMS.

Plagscout is a powerful tool with a row of features that will pamper you in checking plagiarism writing, what are the features offered by Plagscout?

Plagscout has a scoring system that is shown with an accurate score that helps you in making writing free from the practice of plagiarism. As I mentioned above that Plagscout can display parts of sentences that are detected the same as other people's writing with color so you do not have to read and compare the overall writing. You will be shown directly which part you need to change.

Here are some of the scores shown on the results of the review by Plagscout:
Similarity Score: Shows the percentage of overall writing similarity in your content or document from other content.

Plagiarism Risk Score: Shows a score of the risk of plagiarism contained in your writing or document. The more similarity is shown the greater the risk of plagiarism in your writing. Plagscout states that this feature can detect plagiarism risk by 94%. Of course it is a very large number that makes Plagscout an accurate plagiarism detection tool.

Paraphrase: This is also an advanced feature that may not be found in other plagiarism checkers because Plagscout can show the number of scores from your detected content containing paraphrase. The greater the number of paraphrases indicated that it signifies as writing detected as plagiarism.
Bad Citations: Shows a score to detect how many inappropriate quotes are contained in your content or document. It's possible to use quotes but keep quotes no larger than your original content. And this feature can also verify the source of each included quote to avoid the risk of plagiarism on your document.
Matches: Shows a score of how many percentages of your writing there are matches with other people's documents.

This bookmark feature will show the sections in your detected content similar to others' documents. The plagiarism found in your document will be marked with a purple color for an inappropriate quote, orange color for paraphrased detection and green color for a good quote. If you find the marked similarities you can directly edit and correct your writing directly on Plagscout.

Plagscout will show links or links leading to other web pages if in your content or document there are similarities with other people's posts. With this link you can immediately edit the same quotes, words and paraphrases to avoid plagiarism. If your document is correct, then you can immediately proceed to review and download the document.

Plagscout has excellent detection features, this feature is able to detect some of the paraphrases contained in the document, so even though your writing is not exactly the same as other documents this tool can still detect if it finds almost the same writing. And the results are displayed in the percentage of the score, if the paraphrase shows a high value then you must do a re-review so as not to admit as plagiarism.


Plagscout can detect multiple quotes indicated as plagiarism and is indicated by highlighted and green markings for good writing, purple for quotes indicated as plagiarism. This detection feature will make it easier for you to check and edit the same quote quickly without having to read the entire document with your own documents other people. And this feature is a unique feature owned by Plagscout which makes this tool as the tool of choice of many users.

APlagscout can detect documents not only on the same language but can detect plagiarism of documents written in different languages. Plagscout's multilingual system is very useful in avoiding the plagiarism of scientific works that may be taken from the language of another country.

Plagscout has an advanced online editing system, so you can easily do document editing indicated as plagiarism quickly without needing to get out of the Plagscout dashboard. With this feature you no longer need to re-send documents and there will be no additional fees. Once edited, the layout, format, and original data of your document are maintained.

Plagscout has easy and user friendly uploading features. You can upload documents anytime, anywhere, from any website or page, using the traditional upload method, or by drag and drop.

Plagscout is able to check your documents for matching documents around the world, Plagscout is able to check up to 14 trillion websites, articles, books, journals, and magazines. This feature evolves daily, and is the best data access feature among the existing plagiarism detection services in the market today.
Plagscout has a system that allows you to view, edit, and download documents that have been fixed while preserving the original format. Plagscout's plagiarism checking service can keep all the images, formats, and layout of your documents in their original state, which means you do not have to worry about re-delivery and fees.

Plagscout is a free plagiarism document checking service and you do not have to worry about the cost behind it, unlike other plagiarism checking services that charge you when you send a recurring document for review. You can check any document and make direct edits and re-submit your document repeatedly for free.

Plagscout has unique features that can protect your writing from irresponsible use. And you can make money from this feature where you only need to protect documents and if your documents are used by others then you will get royalties from those users.

Plagscout is a plagiarism checker tool that is easy to use and anyone can quickly use this tool, and the following steps using the tool Plagscout.First please prepare the document you want to check in the form .doc file or .docxNext please visit the website Plagscout here ⇒ Inspector Plagiarism and register first to have an account at Plagscout.

Once you have a plagscout account, you go into your plagscout account and start using Plagscout and you will see a simple Plagscout dahsboard with a nice view that is easy to use.Plagscout DashboardTo start doing the check please click the "Upload" button and you will see a pop up. You can drag and drop your document into the area or click on the upload icon and upload it as usual and the upload file size is 50 MB.

Plagscout Upload DocumentAfter the document has been uploaded then Plagscout will automatically start to check your document whether plagiarism is detected. And please wait until the inspection process is over and plagscout will show the numbers like: Percentage of matches Paraphrase percentage Bad quotation percentage MatchingAnd risk plagiarism scorePlagscout CheckerIn addition you can view the report in detail by clicking the "View Detailed Report" button.

There you will see all the information about your document such as: Red color: Shows parts of the text found in other documents. Orange Color: Shows parts of paraphrased text. Purple Colors: Shows quotes that are part of a matched text. Green Colors: Shows the text section is quoted correctly. Plagscout Report If everything is done you can download your document file and if there are some indications of plagiarism, you can directly edit your document online without fear of losing your original documents.

Plagscout also features to share the results of plagiarism checking your documents directly to your lecturers or teachers email. You just need to click "Share" icon and enter your lecturer or teacher email. And your teacher will accept provide a link to view your document.

so, Plagscout is a sophisticated tool that can inspect plagiarism documents with great accuracy and fast checking process. Plagiarism plagscout software is also equipped with many excellent unique features such as online editing, multilingual plagiarism checking and more. And plagscout is a free plagiarism checker and even you can make money from services like document protection. And that's some explanation of "Plagscout Plagiarism Checker" and a simple step-by-step guide how to register a Plagscout account and how to do a document check with the Plagscout tool.

Hopefully this article is useful for you and help you to create high value writing work that is not indicated as plagiarism by using plagiarism plagiarism plagscout. good luck

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