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How to Increase organic blog traffic for AdSense

How to Increase organic blog traffic for AdSense
How to Increase organic blog traffic for AdSense

There are many sources and ways to get traffic sources and at this time a lot of traffic sources that we can get for our blog, traffic can be sourced from social media such as facebook or twitter, and also traffic we can try from social bookmarking, forums, backlinks, both dofollow and nofollow backlinks, and there are many other traffic sources that we can use, but still the traffic that is considered as special and quality traffic is traffic sourced from search engines or better known as organic traffic, to get organic traffic of course not an easy thing, there should be effort, perseverance, seriousness, time and hard work.

Increase organic blog traffic from google adsense
Source Traffic organic is perfect for monetized blogs, especially monetized by using google adsense, because adsense is advertising media owned by google, then organic traffic from google search engine can be one factor that can affect the size of the value of CPC (Cost Per Click) or cost per click of google adsense, if you are one google adsense publisher, then one that you should try is organic traffic sourced from search engine google. if not, organic traffic should still be one of the traffic you should get.

How to Increase Organic Blog Traffic for Adsense
In this post I will try to share information on how to increase organic blog traffic, there are several ways we should do to increase organic traffic, and indirectly the easier your blog is found by search engines, then organic traffic will increase, when you have a goal to increase organic traffic that means you are looking for your blog easy to find by search engines, following steps we can do to increase organic traffic:

1. On page SEO Optimization
Seo onpage optimization is a form of effort that we seek from within the blog page itself, seo onpage dabbling about the structure of the blog page itself and the placement of the keyword systematic, thus making the blog page or website easily found by search engines, to get organic traffic, this is the initial stage before any other effort we are doing, to do seo optimization onpage well you can read in other articles about onpage seo optimization on blog: complete.

2. Increase Blog's existence in Blogosphere
Blogosphere is a collection of all blogs or weblogs that are integrated with each other in the internet network. the term blogosphere was first coined by Brad L. Graham as a joke in 1999. And reinvented by William Quick in 2002.
Any information that has been shared by internet users through the media blog or weblog, we can find the information in the blogosphere, in addition to the blogosphere also known terms of crime or cheating such as spam, fraud and all things that are strictly prohibited in the online world.

Infronasi found in the blogsphere can be found easily using the help of search engines like google, this is the trigger of the birth of the term SEO (Search enggine optimization), because when we look for an information we need on the internet, search results in search engines have a lot once, starting hundreds, thousands, even millions. it is because not a few bloggers who share the same information and setopik, seo techniques will prioritize information that is very relevant to search keywords, and the best position of course will be owned by a blog that has the best reputation in the eyes of search enggine.

How to improve blog existence in blogoshpehere
If our blog wants to be easily found by search engines then one of the efforts we have to do is improve the existence of our blog in blogsphere  many ways we can do so that our blog is easy to find in the blogosphere, if our blog rivals are other blogs, then we should more exist in blogsphere than other blogs, here are some ways we can try to improve the existence of blogs that we can have blogsphere:

a. Blog Walking
 One effective way to increase the existence of our blog in blogsphere is through the activities of blog walking,   with each other to visit the blog with other bloggers and then commented on their blogs, by introducing blogs on other blogs this signal on search enggine that the existence of our blog in the active blogsphere.

Blog walking is generally followed by commenting on other people's blogs, when we fihgt  there are two things we need to consider, the first is the name of the commentator and the second is the content of comments, the name commentators we can use to put back links both dofollow and nofollow, to improve the existence of blogs in blogsphere we do not need to target blog dofollow alone but nofollowpun still can affect the position of blog articles in search enggine.Untuk start commenting on blogs, please search the blog with relevant keywords using google search engine , in the list of search results you can visit the blog one by one and do not forget to leave a comment in accordance with the topic discussed. the more you visit the blog and commented then the existence of your blog in blogsphere will be good semain, the better exsistensi in blogsphere it will be easy found in search enggine, the more easily found by the search engine then the blog traffic will get better.

b. Join the online forum
To increase the existence of diblogsphere try to join diforum be it dofollow or nofollow, try to make a post in online forum, then do not forget to put dofollow backlinks that lead to our blog, also we can use signatures, for some online forums are equipped with signature facility, Our signature facility can put links to our blog articles, when commenting or creating articles in the forum, signatures will always be included.

c. Submit articles on social bookmarking
Submit articles on social bookmarking, be one option is quite effective to improve the existence of blogs that we have, a lot of social bookmarking media that we can use either dofollow or nofollow, please find a list of social bookmarking either from Indonesia or from abroad and please submit each of your articles well. try to use or modify the title and the contents of the article so as not too similar to the article utmanya.

3. Build dofollow backlinks
Backlink is one factor that is very important role in determining whether or not the blog article in search engine position position or (SERP), the more backlinks to an article then the position in search enggine usually will be stronger. get backlink dofollow but do not be too crazy, at least build backlinks once a week with limited capacity, do not ever flood your blog with dofollow backlinks without control, your activity could terendus by google as spam. so when building backlinks do little by little, with the amount is not too much but consistently it will be better. so information can I submit about How to Increase organic blog traffic for AdSense, hopefully can increase your adsense revenue. may be useful.

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