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If you want to create online forms for various needs such as form contacts, quizzes, surveys, registration forms and more, then you can make it easily using Google services called Google Form.

The Google service form is a free service that has many benefits for you and can be installed easily on your WordPress site. In WordPress you can also create various forms by using plugins like Contact Form7 or WPForm and other similar plugins, but if you do not want to use plugins then the solution you can use is using Google Form. The Google form is pretty easy to customize anywhere as well as on the WordPress site. However, you still need to follow certain steps in Google's successful form to be installed on your WordPress site.

Before we start discussing the steps to install Google Form for WordPress. We recommend that you first understand about Google Forms and how they help.

Google Form is a Google service that works to create various forms online for free. Google Forms help you create forms like forms for surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, polls, registrations, events, order forms and more. By utilizing Google Forms you can also grow your business by collecting email addresses to subscribe to newsletters and utilizing responses received from your users.

Google Form WordPress
Google Form WordPress

To use Google Forms service, you should install Google Drive on your computer or mobile device because Google form is one of the services that Google Drive's cloud storage service carries with Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides.

You can download and install Google Drive on your device for free, please download Google Drive here ⇒ Download Google Drive.

If you're familiar with the Google Drive interface and feel comfortable using it, go to the "My Drive" section and click the "New" button in the top left corner. When you see the drop-down menu, point your mouse cursor to the "More" option, and you'll see the "Google Forms" option in the sub-menu.
Google Form WordPress
Google Form WordPress

As I mentioned earlier in this article that WordPress also has a variety of plugins that have the ability to create various forms like Contact Form7 and others. And Forms created with this plugin are by default integrated into your WordPress site. You just need to activate it and start creating various forms according to your WordPress site needs. However, using a plugin then all the data you get from your visitors will be stored in your WordPress database, if the data is a lot then it can burden the database and affect the speed of your site.

The advantage of Google Form in addition to being free is that you do not have to use your WordPress site database to store data from your visitors but rather stored in Google Drive and this also means that the data you store is much safer if your site is a problem. In addition, forms you create with Google Form can also be shared on other sites easily.

Google Form offers easy sharing options and a mobile support interface. In addition, the responses you receive through Google Forms are instantly saved to your Google Drive, which even allows you to add collaborators to the task to manage them.

1. Open "My Drive" and Click "New" button, Point mouse cursor to "More" option and select "Google Forms" menu - Click "Form a Template".
Google Form WordPress
Google Form
2. You will be directed to the Google Forms website, where you will need to select the "Blank Form" option to create the form as you see fit or to choose the completed form in the "Template Gallery" section.
Google Form WordPress
Google Form WordPress
3. After selecting the "Blank Form" option, fill in the title and description of the form. Start adding your form fields. If you need you can click the "Add" button, under the menu to add a new field in the form. Google Forms also gives you the option to change question types and answers.

Click on "Multiple Choice", drop down menu in the right corner and choose the pattern of your choice. You can also add a variety of text, videos, pictures and sections.

Google Form WordPress
4. When the form is complete you can simply click the "Send" button. You will be redirected to the "send form popup" window. Click on the "Embed" tab, which looks like this "<>" and click "copy" to copy the embed code. In this section you can also set the size of the form to be displayed on your site. and can also directly share the form to social media like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.Google Drive Google Form 55. After you copy the "Embed HTML" code, please Paste the embed code to the post or page on your WordPress site. And do not forget to change your WordPress editor from Visual to Text first and paste the embed form code in your desired position.Google Drive google form 66. After that please click on the "Publish" button and now your form is ready for you to use on the site WordPress

And that's the guide on how to create Google Form and how to install google form on your WordPress site, I hope this article useful for you and good luck

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