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How To Make Membership Site In WordPress With Membership By Supsystic

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that can be used for a variety of site needs, not just as a blogging platform but WordPress has a lot more capability than that. By default WordPress is very simple, but with the plugin makes WordPress can be enabled for various purposes and one of them is WordPress can also be used as a community site or membership.

So if you want to build an online community site then WordPress can be the right choice for you. There are lots of membership plugins you can find for WordPress, but here I will provide one of the full-featured membership plugins that you can use the membership by supsystic plugin.
Membership By Supsystic
Membership By Supsystic

Membership by Supsystic Profile
Membership by Supsystic is a free plugin that works to create online community sites and membership with various features such as friend, follower, group, private messege, user profile, user role and more.

Membership by Supsystic also has a look like social media facebook and twitter, this is very good because the interface that is displayed similar to the famous social media that makes users feel familiar with things contained in this membership site.
Membership Supsytic Price
Also by upgrading the plugin to the premium version you will get features that you can use to make money from membership. The e-Commerce feature will be added so you can give full control over your content by selectively enabling or disabling site content access to members and this is a great way to provide paid content to your visitors. For the premium version for each add ons of the membership plugin by Supsystic is $ 39. You can buy all the bundle add ons membership packages at a cheaper price of $ 59 for a single site.

By upgrading your membership license you will get some extensions like the following:
Limit Content By Role Users: Monetize your content by restricting access based on specific user roles.
WooCommerce Membership: Create an online store within the Membership community with WooCommerce Integration!
Membership Social Network: Integrate the activities of writing, pictures and video directly by using your social media.
Membership E-Commerce: Create online communities easily with various payment models and dripping content.
Subscribtions: Invite users to your Subscription list right after registration using a different Email Service.
Membership Login Social: Let users sign up and log in to your WordPress Membership website via your Facebook or Twitter account!

Membership by supsystic Features
Membership by supsystic Features

Here are some features of the supsystic membership plugin you can get:

Frontend Registration and Login: This feature allows you to manage registration and login area, it is equipped with complete features such as you can create fields to your liking, support login and registration with social media like twitter and facebook, support Google reCaptcha , email settings and email templates, notification settings and much more.

User Profiles: This feature allows you to organize and customize your user profile settings, and profiles display very well as well as popular social media to make users familiar with the look. Users can add complete information about themselves, add avatar photos and background photos that are laid out like facebook but show the friend, follow and follower so it is similar to twitter.

Friends and Followers: This feature allows users in the community to add friends with other users in one community and there are also features that allow users to follow each other.

Social Activity: This feature is similar to most social media that is similar like status updates or tweets. Users can write anything on this activity page column and share various links, images and videos so that other users in the community will see what you write in the activity.

Profile Form Builder: This feature allows you to create your own how the registration form is displayed and set the profile of users in your community. And customize everything about registration like email templates, notifications and more.

Member Directory: You can display all members of a member on a particular page so that new users or other users can easily view other users to add friends, follow or send them messages. In this section there is also a search feature to quickly find users in the community.

Dripping Content: This feature allows you to organize info and set time intervals to distribute your content to users in the community so they always get the content.

Membership Group: This feature allows you and users within the community to create their own groups so they can create a mini community according to their individual interests and allow other users to search for different groups to join.

Private Messege: This feature allows you to create private conversations with members in the membership community. Other users also have the ability to exchange personal messages with other members.

To start creating a membership on WordPress, please install the Membership by Supsystic plugin via your WordPress dashboard.

After that please activate the plugin and you will see a new menu on your WordPress admin sidebar named "Membership by supsystic". Please click on the menu and you will be taken in the "Main" section and you will see a notification that requires you to create a page for Profile, member, groups, activity, registration, login, search and contact us. Please click the "Create all unassigned pages" button and the page will be created automatically.
In the "Main" section you can manage various settings such as email activation, page creation, security, upload settings, SEO, Improt data, and content.

Users Setting membership by supsystic
Users Setting membership by supsystic
In the "Users" section you can see all the list of registered users in your membership community. Here you can also create new user, import user to csv file.
 Profile Setting membership by supsystic
Profile Setting membership by supsystic
In the "Profile" section you can adjust the size for your avatar, profile picture and user profile cover image. Also on the "Registration Field" tab you can customize the various fields for the registration form.
Roles Setting membership by supsystic
Roles Setting membership by supsystic

In the "Roles" section you can manage various user roles to give users different capabilities to your liking.
Group Setting membership by supsystic
Group Setting membership by supsystic
 In the "Group" section you can customize the various sizes for logos, covers and allow who can invite and invite.
Email Setting membership by supsystic
Email Setting membership by supsystic
In the "Mails" section you can customize various emails and notifications to be sent to your email from users in your community. You can change the contents of the email and try to send an email for the experiment.
Design Setting membership by supsystic
Design Setting membership by supsystic
In the "Design" section you can adjust the profile profile style displayed, various buttons, as well as fonts.

Furthermore the last one is the "Report" section which contains reports from users and "Extentions" containing a list of premium extensions from membership plugins such as Social login, social integrastion, WooCommerce, and Subscriptions. And also "E-Commerce" specifically for users of the premium version that contains the settings to create special content for paid users, payment arrangements, currency, dripping contents, orders and statistics.

And that's a bit of explanation about the free supsystic membership plugin for creating membership sites and online communities on WordPress. You can see more complete tutorials about this plugin directly through the official website here ⇒

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