Tuesday, 12 September 2017


This tutorial I will discuss about how to create new Page and Post on WordPress. Where the Post and Page section is the most part we will use when the website is built and after the website runs online, because Page and Post is the place where we put the information or content that we want to upload on our website.

If you have a website that aims for blogging or for news portals, then the Post will be very often used to post the latest posts. And the following guidelines please be listened to.

In making Post and page is very easy, To start please click the sidebar menu on your WordPress dashboard and click on the menu "Pages" and then click "Add New" as shown below:
Create a new page
Create a new page

For "Bulk Actions" is used to delete or edit pages or posts simultaneously by checking the page or post that will be deleted or edited. if you want to edit one by one simply by highlighting the title of the Page or Post it will display links menu edit, trash and quick edit underneath.

The next step to create a new Page after we click the Add New button in the first step we will see the look like the picture below:  In the example above, to create a page title that is in the title field, for example I fill it with the title About and a large column underneath is an area for writing content for your page.

To insert a picture on the content you can click on "Add Media" menu and choose the image you want to insert, then click "Insert to post" button.

As for installing thumbnail images or images that will appear as the main image. Click on the Featured Images link and select the image you want. After the picture you select please click "Set Featured Image". If you have finished please publish the page you have created by click "Publish" button.

At the top of the publish button there is a column "Publish Immediately", this is the part to schedule our post at any time to publish to our website.

For the next Post, basically make Post as well as create Page, for the menu that must be clicked Posts and Add New, cuman difference in Post with Page that is located in the existence of Categories and Tags, for writing Tags adjust the discussion of the articles you have written, in the example I write CMS and WordPress, because my writing related to the topic is WordPress and CMS. And for writing Tags should be separated by commas. Like the picture below.
category & tags
category & tags

To add a picture on the post the same way I have discussed on the page or page creation in the first section. Once everything is done please click the "Publish" button to publish your post.

Before publishing the post and the page you created, you can click on the "Preview" button to see how your post is displayed, if it is sure to your liking and there is no correction you just click "Publish". But if it is already published but there are errors, you can still edit it again easily, how to click menu "All Post" if you want to edit Postings, and "All Pages" if you want to edit "Pages". After that you will see the title of your post, highlight the title then click the "Edit" menu that appears at the bottom of your post title.

Above is an easy way to create Pages and Post in WordPress, hopefully this guide is useful for you and please try. Have a good study