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When we talk about web traffic analysis, we usually talk about Visitors, Pageview, traffic sources and even we can spend a lot of time on all of them to improve and get better. However, sometimes we forget about Bounce Rate.

Bounce Rate is Exit Level or exit leaving site in web analytics, showing the percentage of visitors who enter your site and exit your site. Bounce rate can be interpreted about the length of time visitors are on your site. While other metrics like Visitors or Pageview say a lot about the amount of traffic coming to your site, while Bounce rate represents the quality of your site traffic.

For example, there are 100 people coming to site A and site B and at the same time with a short time there are 30 people out of site B, and on site A is still a lot of lingering visitors and only 10 people who leave immediately site. By looking at the example it is clear that the numbers say something about the quality of the site that attracts more visitors to stay on site A rather than site B.

Bounce Rate rate that has a value too high of course also shows that the site is getting visitors who are not targeted.

A good Bounce Rate is one that has a low value. A figure of about 60% and above indicates that the bounce rate is still too high and below it can be said to have a low bounce rate.
bounce rate
bounce rate

Does bounce rate affect SEO? Of course the answer is yes. Imagine if there are thousands of visitors visiting your site and 90% of them come out at the same time, it can be directly assessed that your site is not good enough. By looking at these numbers then the search engines will judge that your site is not qualified and will affect for first page ranking for search results from Google.


Attracting visitors is difficult, but making visitors feel at home for long time on your site is much more difficult. And the following tips to keep visitors linger on your site so it can suppress the Bounce Rate to keep it low.


As mentioned above, the incorrect traffic coming to your site will be the reason for the bounce rate boost, as visitors obviously do not find the interests and benefits of your site.

First, Define the niche of your site and targeted visitors. Then think about the keywords, the messages you will use to reach them through which channels. Do not try to get as much traffic as possible and attract random visitors. The traffic is high but the bounce rate is also high it will not help.

Secondly, make sure you attract the right traffic with good keywords with the right SEO strategy.


When visitors land on your site, the first impression visitors feel is whether they should click the X close button in the browser or continue surfing on your site. A site with clean layouts and designs that will win the first impression of visitors and make them decide to stay a little longer.

Talking about layout and web design, there are other things you should consider that you should choose a responsive theme. People can visit your site using your phone and tablet. You can choose and get hundreds of WordPress responsive and free themes with a great layout here.


Content is king and good content makes visitors feel at home on your site. There are several factors that you can use to generate great content that can keep your visitors at your disposal:

Make sure your main message is clearly displayed
Use clear headings, titles and subheadings
Make sure your content is well organized
Make sure the content matches the target of the right visitor
Avoid writing errors
Add images or videos in content

Let's say you've attracted the right visitors, your website is well designed and tailored to good content, you've gotten the attention of the target audience and kept them staying for a minute. At this point, what makes them stay longer depends heavily on the benefits of your site.

It's important to make visitors feel comfortable viewing your site, giving them a fun experience with your site. This will make them stay longer or keep coming back to see your site.


This works primarily for blogs and news websites. When visitors finish reading wrong one of your articles, what's next? Make your visitors see other interesting articles on your site. Create a Related Post at the end of your article, and do not forget to link relevant articles in the article. It will keep visitors linger on your site and get more of what you are looking for. Basa: Make Related Post Various Options in WordPress If this technique does not work you can use unlimited scroll technique, this automatically visitors can wait until it reaches the end of each post . And do not forget to install a popular post widget on your WordPress blog sidebar so that visitors easily find a list of interesting articles on your site. Read: How to create more Post Load with Ajax
Make sure your website has an easy search feature and is put in the right place. That way visitors will be easy when they want to search your articles quickly. Because if they do not discover What happens when users come to your site and can not find the information they need in just a few clicks, they will quickly leave and never get back to your site. So make sure your search widget is clear, so visitors can know the feature and use it.
This is annoying for visitors when they visit a site and they get pages that are surrounded by many banner ads, promotional bars and even pop-up messages. They distract visitors from the main content. And it certainly will make visitors go directly and forget your site, so make your site clean and even if there must be an advertisement, make the ad layout look elegant and arrange the ad in the right position so as not to disturb the visitor. Do not let your blog have more ad composition than your content.

The speed of loading website pages is also an important factor. Believe me, nobody is willing to wait more than 10-15 seconds to load your blog, except for very patient users. With a blog that has a slow loading of course visitors can lose patience and will surely leave your site quickly even before they read your writing. So make sure to make your website or blog have a good speed when loaded. You can use quality hosting and install the plugin caching on your WordPress site. The speed of the site is also very influential on the ranking of search results. Read: Tricks How To Speed ​​Up Loading WordPress And that's 8 easy tips that you can apply to your website or WordPress blog so that visitors feel at home lingering that will ultimately reduce the bounce rate of your site. Hopefully this article useful and good luck

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