Wednesday, 13 September 2017


For The bloggers must be familiar with Google Plus Authorship, where, when searching articles on Google search engine there are some search results display a thumbnail photo under its link title. How to install the photo when our article in searching and appear also resulted search?
input google plus authorship in wordpress
The easy way is to install the Google Plus Authorship Plugins that you can download here, after that do install and activate the plugins, if still confused how to install plugins may be still new to learn to read in my article entitled Install Plugin and Set the Widget. After that go directly to Users menu -> Your Profile and enter the code Google Plus in Google Plus profile information you like picture below, and do update profile.

Next to test whether or not Google Webmasters Rich Snippets Testing Tool is successful. and enter your article then click the preview so the result as below. and we recommend that you enter each new article to share on Google plus yours do not belong to anyone else