Thursday, 14 September 2017


How to make related post in wordpress? make related post in wordpress easily that is using plugin Yet Another Related Posts Plugin you can download here. Using plugins is certainly very satisfying because we can choose various forms of results that want to be displayed, there are 3 options from a simple list form, or use thumbnails, and there is one more custom php. in custom php itself there are many options 6 type.

In addition to facilitate navigation for readers who visit your website or blog, another plus by posting Related Post is to simultaneously improve SEO on our website, Related Post is also very important role in SEO, because every new article we post, automatically related post also entered in the post, so the title of the old post will help facilitate new articles in search on search engines.

Steps to make Related post wordpress:
1. Download Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Plugin here.
2. Install and activate
3. Setting the plugin in the Settings menu -> YARPP, Check out the following schema for the setting.
make Related post wordpress
make Related post wordpress

setting Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) wordpress tutorial For setting it directly to display options. Maximum number of related posts: fill in according to what you want. and for Default image (URL) is to upload default image if you do not use thumbnail in your post. while the Order results: is to display related post score, date and title, set as you wish