Thursday, 14 September 2017


Post this time I will give a unique tutorial for wordpress comments, we often see in Forum websites such as Kaskus biggest forum in indonesia every user who list and do post or comment then it will rise rank like Newbie, Kaskuser, Activist kaskus and so on, The ranking goes up based on the calculations of how many posts and comments are submitted to the Kaskus Forum. How can we make a ranking for visitors who comment on our blogs made from CMS wordpress? In wordpress there are unique plugins for ranking comments that Simple User Rank Comments.

Plugins Simple User Rank Comments This can be used to rank the visitors who commented on our blog, here I create a sample rank 0 = reader, 10 = newbie, 50 = activist and 100 = pro member.

Here are the steps:
1. Download plugins here
2. Install and Enable plugins
3. Setting plugins Simple user rank comment by going to the menu comments -> All Rank, and do the settings as shown below.
See Results below, seen john has a Rangkin Reader because it is still 1X comment, if 10 then Newbie and so on according to our settings