Saturday, 30 September 2017


In this article I will give a tutorial how to schedule or schedule Sticky post on the post on your WordPress blog. This is so that you can give a certain time to post your sticky back into the regular post and the position is not in the top position again lapse some time has been determined.

This way of scheduling allows you not to bother changing your post settings from sticky post to unsticky post manually. This way also makes you not need to remember when to change your post sticky.

2. Install and Enable plugins
3. Set Sticky Post time settings in the Settings menu -> Reading.

See Scheduled unsticky settings at the bottom. And fill in the number of days in the "Days after publish" column, if you fill in the value 7 as shown in this example, then within 7 days post you create a sticky post will automatically return to the normal post and back in the proper position.
scheduled unsticky wordpress
scheduled unsticky wordpress

As for Schedule Interval is useful to rotate some of your posts that you set a sticky post. And if you have done the settings please click "Save Changes" to save the settings you have done.
Above is a way of making scheduling to release sticky post on WordPress, hopefully the above article is useful for you and easier in managing your sticky post

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