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What is Payoneer and Its Benefits For Affiliate Marketer?

Perhaps the same thing will you ask when you first heard the term payoneer, before we discuss further what is payoneer and what is payoneer debit card ?, what a good thing I will review what a bit payoneer ?, Payoneer is a company based in US america union that was established in 2005 with the aim to help facilitate online financial transactions whether it is money spending through purchase transactions in online stores, merchants and income from money derived from business affiliate marketing such as amazon, financial transactions that can be done through payoneer not just locally but applies also to international transactions worldwide.

What is Payoneer for affilate marketers
 How to use Payoneer Services?
So how do I use payoneer service ?, so that you can use payoneer service then you are required to have payoneer account by way of registering at payoneer site, as illustration just as you do registration open an account in a bank to become customer in that bank, but bank that you use for the list is the US bank of the United States that has cooperated with Payoneer.

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By having a payoneer account, it is indirectly the same as you have an account in a US bank, besides that when your registration can simultaneously create a payoneer debit card for free, to make payoneer card is very easy, you will be asked to enter your biodata in accordance with your ID card, without having to make a deposit first, you will be asked to scan the ID card for konfrmasi and payoneer will send the debit card to the shipping address that you input at the registration stage.

What is a payoneer debit card?
After you successfully register you will eventually have a payoneer debit card, payoneer debit card you can use as an ATM card, if your payoneer account already contains funds in dollar currency, then the debit card you can use to take money at the ATM around the world that have Master Card logo. including in people in the world, if you use a payoneer debit card in Indonesia then the currency will be in the currency conversion in accordance with the dollar buying rate at that time,

In addition to can be used to take money payoneer debit card you can also use to transact online, such as shopping at online store sites or merchants who have cooperated with payoneer or who already provide facilities to conduct transactions online with the payoneer.

Payoneer debit card is different from credit card, if previously we are more familiar with credit card terms, now we know the term debit card, credit card difference and debit card, regardless of the administrative costs of both cards, the difference lies in the availability of funds in it, we can only use if there is a balance in it if the balance is discharged then we can not use it the same as the ATM card, while the credit card without any balance we are still given a pelung to use (debt) with a certain limit.

What is the payoneer debit card administration for each month?
When first registering payoneer, payoneer account will contain balance 0 $, because when registering we are not required to deposit a penny, same as ownership of ATM in a bank, ownership of debone card payoneer also charged by administration fee but different from ATM card, if the ATM card costs are charged every month while the payoneer fee card is charged once a year, and you are only exposed to payoneer administration fee of $ 3 per year if your payoneer account already contains funds, otherwise it will not be subject to a sepersepun charge.

 How do I get Payoneer Balance?
Payoneer is very useful for the bloggers who wrestle affiliate marketing business such as affiliate amazon, income earned from affiliate business we can transfer directly to our payoneer account, so one to fill payoneer balance is from the income that we get through affiliate marketing business such as any affiliate amazon or other affiliate marketing business.
With the payoneer funds we earn from the affiliate business can be faster to disburse.

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Reasons Every Affiliate Marketer Must Have Payoneer Account
Some of the advantages of having a payoneer account for affiliate marketers are as follows:

For payoneer list is free of charge alias free and do not need initial deposit.

Payoneer accounts can currently be owned by people in the world including you. and useful to facilitate melt the money you get from affiliate marketing, such as affiliate business amazon Can be used for transfer between fellow payoneer account owner. Equipped with Payoneer Debit Card or prepaid mastercard as well as ATM katru which can be used to attract funds in all ATMs in the world has a mastercard. Payoneer label enforces a commission (US Payment Service), we can get 25% commission from other payoner account owner if they list using referral link and payment of $ 25 will be paid if once if payoneer account owner who list using referral we have minimum balance 100 $. Currently payonner can be used in Indonesia to withdraw funds via ATM which has mastercard logo.

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