Sunday, 17 September 2017


Settings like this are highly recommended for every WordPress user to enable two-step verification. Two-step authentication adds an additional layer to your security. That is, if someone has your WordPress credentials, they will need your phone more to enter your account.
So, two-factor authentication is always important for any of your online accounts, whether it's a Google account, a Twitter account, your Dropbox account or WordPress. But, unlike Google, Twitter and Dropbox, WordPress does not have a built-in option to enable two-step authentication.
As we all know that the WordPress Plugin repository has as many plugins as it usually increases WordPress capabilities, so two-factor authentication can also be enabled by using WordPress plugin. But a plugin and how? I will tell you everything about this.
However, there are many plugins to enable two-factor authentication. Here I have taken the Autof Two Autofication Plugin of WordPress to enable two-step verification.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress
Now, I'll tell you that how you can enable two-factor authentication for your WordPress using Authy Plugin.
So first you will be required to install and enable this plugin in your WordPress panel. For this, Download Authy Plugin, then upload and activate it by logging into your Authy account (create an Authy account described below). Did you know that for this plugin to start working, you will need to register, Authy to add your phone number and get the Keys API.

After registering here for Authy, it will ask you to enter your phone number. Next, it will ask you to choose how you would like to receive a verification code by app or SMS.

Now, it will send a verification code the first time to verify ownership. So, after verification, you will get your Key API. After enabling the plugin, navigate to Settings> Authy and then enter the Keys API as found above.
Note: Authy does not provide free services. In fact, it is a premium service and initially gives you a free first month so you can test and take further decisions.
Or can use WordPress Plugin Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Some other options:
In addition to Authy Two-Factor Authentication, there are many WordPress plugins available to enable Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress. Here are some alternatives to Authy Two-Factor Authentication WordPress Plugin.
Google Authenticator
The Google Authenticator plugin for WordPress provides two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator app for Android / iPhone / Blackberry.
Duo Two-Factor Authentication
Easily add two-factor Duo Security authentication to your WordPress site. You can also enable two-factor authentication for admins and / or other users.