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In this post we will discuss about wordpress admin that is about how to login to wordpress administration page, dashboard page views, how to update wordpress and wordpress logout

How to Login on WordPress Administration Page
As a user of wordpress maybe this post is not so important, but for new users learn hopefully can increase your knowledge. The easy way to login to wordpress administration page is by visiting http: //localhost/wordpress/wp-login.php address, or to http: // localhost / wordpress / wp-admin. But make sure the Apache Web server and MySQL Database Server are running.
Wordpress admin login page
Wordpress admin login page

On this page we will be dealing with the login form. Here we have to input the username and password created during the installation process. For example in this post I have installed wordpress offline, I created a username: admin_situsku, and password: qwerty.

The checkbox box remember me can be selected for wordpress to store cookies in the web browser, so we do not need to enter the password again at a later time. But make sure this feature is selected only when used on personal computers.
After filling the username and password, click the Log In button to enter the wordpress administration menu.

Link "Lost your password?" Can be used to reset the admin password if you forget, but this feature can only be used for wordpress online (using web hosting services).
Know the WordPress Administration Page: Dashboard
The start page that appears after log-in is the Dashboard page. The dashboard page contains a summary of 'what's going on' inside wordpress.

Display the WordPress Dashboard Page

Section (1) is the main window. Here contains summaries of information such as any unfinished post, anyone commenting on, or any other information. Some plugins will also show up in this section.

On the left (2) there is a menu to access other pages from the admin, such as to create post, page, configuration, change theme, etc. I will discuss the function of these menus throughout the wordpress tutorial in duniailkom this.

At the top (3) Is a menu-bar admin. Here are some shortcut keys, and on the top right there is a logout button.

The dashboard page and all administrative menus are also known as Back End Page, or 'backyard'. That is, everything we see in this section can only be accessed by a particular administrator or user only. Part of the site that will be seen by visitors (using the theme twenty fifteen) is called the Front End Page, or front page.

The current dashboard view is still quiet because I have not made any posts yet. But as we make the article, and install various plugins, Dashboard view will look 'crowded'. For example, here is the admin view of the world of the sitcom:

WordPress Dashboard Pageviews Duniailkom
How to Update WordPress
Periodically, wordpress update the program code. Whether it's to add new features or close the security gap. Every time we login to the admin menu, automatically wordpress will check whether there is an update or not. If not updated, we will see the information link to immediately update.

Information to update wordpress
How to update wordpress from the admin menu is quite simple: click the link "Please update now", then we will be taken to the WordPress Update page. This time click the "Update Now" button and we'll just wait a while.

Link to wordpress update
Once completed, a welcome page will appear and wordpress is updated to the latest version.
Wordpress successfully updated

If the internet connection you are using is a bit slow, it might appear: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in D: \ xampp_5.6.3 \ htdocs \ wordpress \ wp-includes \ class-http.php on line 1589
To solve this problem please go to: PHP Tutorial: Fixed Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in XAMPP.

How to Log-out from Wordpress Dashboard
To exit the wordpress administration page. Hover the mouse cursor at the top right of the page, to the part of the username: site_admin. A moment will appear new menu, then click Log Out.

How to Logout from WordPress Admin

In WordPress learning tutorial this time we have discussed at a glance about the display of wordpress admin page and how to login and logut from Worpdress dashboard. In the next tutorial we will learn more about wordpress admin configuration.