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wordpress ajax
wordpress ajax

Understanding of AJaX.
Asynchronous JavaScript and XMLHTTP, or AJaX, is a web-based programming technique for creating interactive web applications. The goal is to move most of the interactions on the web surfer's computer, to exchange data with the server behind the scenes, so that the web page does not have to be re-read in its entirety every time a user changes.
This will increase interactivity, speed, and usability. Ajax itself is a combination of:
DOMs are accessed with client side scripting language, such as VBScript and ECMAScript implementations such as JavaScript and JScript, to dynamically display and interact with displayed informationXMLHTTP objects from Microsoft or XMLHttpRequest are more commonly implemented in some browsers. This object is useful as an asynchronous data exchange vehicle with web server. In some AJAX frameworks, the IFrame HTML element is preferred over XMLHTTP or XMLHttpRequest to exchange data with the web server.
XML is generally used as a transfer document, although other formats are also possible, such as HTML, plain text. XML is recommended in the use of AJaX techniques because of its easy access handling by using DOM
JSON can be an alternative choice as a transfer document, considering JSON is JavaScript itself so that handling is easier

Like DHTML, LAMP, or SPA, Ajax is not a specific technology, but rather a combination of technologies used together. In fact, Ajax-based derivative / composite technologies, such as AFLAX, are beginning to emerge.

Ajax benefits very much including Ajax can be used to do many things, such as loading HTML pages without refreshing web pages, form validation and more that can be done with ajax. Ajax is tasked with requests to the web server and PHP residing on the server will do what Ajax requests, send the result to the web browser and Ajax display it to the user. Since Ajax is built with javascript then to be able to follow this tutorial well you need to have the basics of javascript. In addition you also need to have the basics of PHP programming. If you do not have the basics of PHP you can get the tutorial on this website. As for javascript tutorial you can get it from various sources on the internet.

Hopefully a brief explanation of AJAX can be useful.