Saturday, 16 September 2017


After knowing about the meaning of wordpress and the ins and outs worsdpress or wordpress official Site there are 2 types, namely and Both are equally part of wordpress.
wordpress app
wordpress app
On the site is a wordpress CMS site here we will download the wordpress application. This site is a portal for wordpress. Inside there are documentation, themes, plugins, and forums about wordpress. This is a mandatory site if you want to learn in depth about wordpress. We will discuss how to use this site in a few moments.

While on the site is a site to create a free online web with wordpress. If you ever use, the same is also available for wordpress. In this site you can create a wordpress website with the address: The site is managed by automattic, a company that also resides behind CMS wordpress. You can register, and directly use wordpress.

If you use you will have many restrictions so we can not use wordpress optimally, unless you choose the paid option.

So which sites do we use?
In this post I will run wordpress locally (offline) on our own computer, not through However I also recommend you to register at to see the different features available.

If you already have a wordpress site in hosting itself, what we will learn here can also be applied.

How to Download WordPress
Because I will access wordpress on local computer, then we need to use 2 pieces of application, ie wordpress file, and web application + PHP + MySQL server like XAMPP. For how to use XAMPP, I will discuss in the next tutorial.

To get wordpress files, please visit On this home page there are 2 pieces of download button, namely at the top right, and the middle of the website. Please click on one of them. In this example I will use the button: Download WordPress 4.1. Please click this button, and you will be taken to the page:

How to Download WordPress - Start Page of wordpress

Next, on the download page, please click the Download WordPress 4.1 button on the right side of the page. The web browser will then download the file. Save this file on your computer. Wordpress 4.1 size is about 6.4 MB.

How to Download WordPress - Start the download process
WordPress is one of the most frequently updated CMS for adding new features or closing the existing bugs / bugs. So most likely when you read this tutorial, the wordpress version used is no longer version 4.1. Basically a guide how to use wordpress will remain the same (maybe with the addition of some features).
As an alternative if wordpress hold a major update, I provide a link to download wordpress version 4.1 that I will use in all the wordpress tutorials in duniailkom this. WordPress version 4.1 can be accessed at:

How to Download WordPress - WordPress files
This file is a collection of hundreds of PHP pages in zip form. To be able to use it, we must put this file into a web server that supports PHP and MySQL. If you use web hosting, this application is immediately available. However, because we want to run it on the local computer offline we need a special application like XAMPP or WAMP.

In this tutorial learn word tutorial we have finished saving wordpress file 4.1. In the next wordpress tutorial, we will learn how to install XAMPP application to prepare wordpress installation process.