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For some people users or internet users may be familiar with WordPress. WordPress is very closely related to the world of blogging, which provides many benefits for online businessmen who use and utilize the blog as material or media. Online media is one alternative for housewives who are quite tempting.
Already many people know about the tools to blog for free, wordpress is one of the open source is widely used because the content management system based on MySQL and PHP that runs on the web hosting facility. Compared to other web hosting providers wordpress has many features including themes, plugins, multi users, multi-blogging, and much more. In the template setting many options ranging from free to paid.

Do you know who the founder of wordpredd?
WordPress Developer
Matthew Charles Mullenweg or otherwise known as Matt Mullenweg was born on January 11, 1984 (just 25th birthday), in Houston, Texas - United States. In high school, Matt studied Visual Arts and Performances at his school and he was proficient in saxophone music. Although his studies are not in the field of computer technology and programming, but Mat managed to establish and develop software that is now very popular ie, Akismet, and Automattic business it.

WordPress history began when Matt was 18 years old (in 2002). At that time, Matt just started using blog facilities that blog b2cafelog. He uses blog b2 ( to publish his photos during a trip to Washington D.C.

However, a few months later, the blog bbpress where Matt publishes his photo stops in developing his software. Due to such conditions, came the creative thought of Matt. In January 2003, Matt Mullenweg announced through his blog that he would be developing a blog b2 to fit the current web standards.

With his own initiative, Matt and Mike Little started developing b2-based WordPress coding. Then, Mike and Matt with Michel Valdrighi (former developer b2), began actively developing WordPress until the birth of WordPress that you know today. On May 27, 2003, WordPress version 0.70 was released. Version 0.7 still contains the same file structure as its predecessor, b2cafelog.

At the age of 19 years (March 2003), Matt and his colleagues founded GMPG with a more complex format than HTML. A year later, WordPress launches a useful Ping-O-Matic facility to send ping notifications to blog search engines like Technorati. And now, Ping-O-Matic has served over 1 million pings per day.

Matt Mullenweg, Student DO (Drop Out)
In 2004, bad luck happened to Matt in the field of formal education. He drops out aka DO and moves from Houston to San Francisco (California) to work on CNET for a year.

His work at CNET for a year was the last time Matt worked at the company. Because at the age of 21, Matt has 'retired young' from the CNET company and he spends his time working for WordPress. Not long from his retirement, he also successfully launched Akismet application that serves to block comments and trackbacks that are identified as spam.

In the same year, Matthew decided WordPress was open to the general public around the world in November 2005. That same year, Matt launched Automattic which became a business company that supports WordPress and Akismet.

Youth 22 years Recruit Yahoo Executive
The entrepreneur's spirit and Matt's maturity in developing WordPress and Akismet have delivered his business into professional business. In 2006 (22 years), Matt's young man was able to recruit former CEO of Oddpost and Senior Manager of Yahoo !, Tony Schneider as CEO of Automattic. A few months after Tony Schneider was at Automattic, Akismet (subsidiary), which was only 2 years old, earned $ 1.1 million in April 2006.

The success of Matthew Mullenweg
Innovative thinking power and never giving up on a Matthew has brought himself as a young millionaire. At the age of 25, Matthew Mullenweg has managed to become a young billionaire with a fortune of no less USD 40 million (Rp 400 billion).

He was crowned as 16 of the "50 Most Important People in the Internet World" by PC World in 20 07. From the list of 50 people, only Matt is the youngest person (23 years).

With its unique, fast and attractive features, WordPress has managed to 'captivate' millions of users. With the addition of thousands of bloggers and hundreds of thousands of new posts every day, WordPress made it into the 30 most active sites in the world. After receiving the Gravatar service in 2007, rumors circulated that Matt's business, Automattic, was offered up to $ 200 million, but Matt refused to sell it.

WordPress Developer
WordPress history begins when Matt Mullenweg who is an active user of b2 knows that the b2 development process is stopped by programmer Michel Valdrighi, Matt Mullenweg feels affection and begins to develop b2.WordPress first appeared in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg's work with Mike Little. What makes WordPress more popular, in addition to the many features and attractive appearance, is also because of community support for open source software for blog.Cukup wordpress can be interpreted a web application used to create a site or blog, wordpress much chosen by professional bloggers for maximize all existing tools and can be used to facilitate the work. The tools used when using Wordpress are called plugin.

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