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Understanding E-Commerce, Benefits And Advantages E-Commerce
In the internet world you may have often heard the term e-commerce is not it? Especially for those online business actors such as online buying and selling, online marketing, online payments made electronically such as the internet then the activity can be regarded as e-commerce.
wordpress ecommerce
wordpress ecommerce

Understanding E-Commerce, Benefits And Advantages E-Commerce
To clarify what is e-commerce and the benefits and benefits below will be explained briefly.
Understanding E-Commerce
E-Commerce or electronic commerce is also an activity related to the purchase, sale, marketing of goods or services by utilizing electronic systems such as internet or computer networks.

E-commerce also involves activities related to the process of electronic transactions such as electronic funds transfer, electronic data exchange, inventory data processing systems performed with computer systems or computer networks and so forth.

In e-commerce information technology can be categorized as part of e-business where e-business has a wider coverage both in terms of activity or type of activities that do.

Type of E-Commerce
There are several types of e-commerce that usually done by many people through internet media as described below.
1 # E-Commerce Business To Business (B2B)
Type of e-commerce Business to Business or B2B is a business done by people or parties who have mutual business interests in it where both parties usually already know each other and know each other business processes that they do with each other.
Usually the type of B2B business is done continuously or mutually subscribed, this transaction is done because between both parties mutually beneficial and the trust of each other.
An example of a B2B business is two companies that are engaged in buying and selling transactions or supply of goods made through online transactions from the internet, as well as the payment they usually do is to use credit cards from the internet.

2 # E-Commerce Business To Consumer (B2C)
Types of E-Commerce B2C is a type of business that is done between business people and consumers, such as between manufacturers who sell and offer their products to general consumers online. Here the producers will do business by selling and marketing their products to consumers without any feedback from consumers to do business back to the producers, which means the producer only sell or market the product or service and the consumer only as a user or buyer.

3 # E-Commerce C2C
Types of E-Commerce Consumer to Consumer is done between the consumer and the consumer, for example the customer of a manufacturer will resell to other consumers.

4 # E-Commerce Consumer to Business (C2B)
The type of E-Commerce Consumer To Businses is done by the consumer to the producers who sell the products or services, for example the consumer will tell the details of the product or service he wants through the internet media to the producers, then the producers who know the permitnaan will offer products or services desired by the consument.

Benefits of E-Commerce
Some of the benefits of E-Commerce can be seen as follows.
1 # Facilitate communication between consumers and producers
2 # Expand the reach of prospective customers with unlimited market tags
3 # Simplify the marketing and promotion of goods or services.
4 # The e-commerce process is easier to do either to sell goods or to buy.
5 # Easy payment or payment that can be done online.
6 # The spread of information is so easy to do

Advantages of E-Commerce
One of the most obvious advantages E-Commerce we see is to sell a product or service we do not need a store or office big as do business manual as a place of business, but simply by utilizing the internet then we can just sell just from home with unlimited potential customers, in other words your customers could just cover the whole country.

In terms of communication would also be very profitable because between consumers and producers can easily make online communication from the internet. Good in terms of marketing of goods would be more profitable if done online, besides you do not need to pay a lot of promotional costs such as manual promotion, but with internet service you can just do ana product promotion to the whole world just by using the internet which of course the cost is very cheap .

 Negative Impacts of E-Commerce
Besides the many advantages or the positive side of e-commerce usage of e-commerce is not spared also from negative impacts that could harm consumers or producers. Below is explained some negative impact of e-commerce.

1 # Frequent fraud when shopping online on the internet between consumers and sellers such as goods ordered consumer has been paid via e-transfer but the goods are not sent and received by konsumsen, and vice versa sometimes too believe the seller by sending the goods first and payments are made after delivery, the payments that the seller awaits are sometimes not received or unpaid.
2 # The occurrence of a scam or fraud in which a person can only sell goods in a virtual form of information only deliberately created to attract the buyer, but when the purchase and transfer of money, the goods are not there.
3 # The occurrence of crimes such as carding, this case has a lot going on where someone uses someone else's credit card to shop on the internet.
4 # Crime is increasingly prevalent which is usually done by those who have high expertise in computer science and internet network such as the spread of virus / malware that deliberately done to damage the system, this happens due to lack of laws on information technology.

So the review of E-Commerce, Benefits And Advantages E-Commerce for us to know that the use of e-commerce can be utilized for the benefit of a positive.

Marketplace, can be considered as an online mall service providers, but the selling is not a website provider, but members who sign up to sell at the relevant marketplace website. Marketplace generally provides an additional layer of security for every transaction that occurs, such as an escrow payment system or more commonly known as a shared account. So every time a transaction takes place within the marketplace system, the marketplace will be the third party receiving the payment and keep it until the product has been shipped by the seller and received by the buyer. After the delivery process is completed, then the money payment is forwarded to the seller.

The process contained in E-Commerce is as follows:
Marketers use certain sites, blogs or forums to introduce the products they offer. Inside the site, blog, or forum there are facilities to make a purchase directly or a number that can be contacted to make transactions.

Buyers interested in making purchases that can be through bank transfer, credit card, or other services transfer electronic funds such as paypal and others.

Example of E-Commerce
All buying and selling activities that use the internet as a media liaison is an e-commerce activity. For large, you can refer to the growing number of online stores such as Bhinneka, Lazada, Olx, Berniaga, Bejubel, Kaskus FJB, and many more. Now people are also many who using Facebook and Twitter to promote their products, and the results are relatively effective in increasing sales. E-commerce activities not only in the form of sale and purchase transactions in online stores, but also all financial transactions in banks that use the internet as a medium.

One way to create an online store is to use a blog engine like WordPress (wordpress ecommerce). excess WP that can be installed with various plugins with various features and functions. In terms of online stores, there is a plugin that is intended for it, namely WP-eCommerce plugin.

Installing this plugin is fairly easy because only by downloading and uploading the plugin file to WP Then install, But for those of you who are still lay with this plugin may be a little trouble but do not worry because in the next subject I will explain, in this plugin there are some features that count quite complete, ranging from product inputs, product categories, shopping carts, product tags, and more.

In this case I do not recommend this plugin if friend mania cms want to make an online store, because basically wordpress dicussed to create a blog / website dynamic. And not specifically for ecommerce. But if friends - friends want to try it please Download plugin and you have previously installed cms wordpress.

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