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Google Analytics is one of the best tools for webmasters for the need of tracking website statistics. Google Analytics allows webmasters and bloggers to uncover important statistical data to manage and develop a website or blog more focused.

wordpress google analytics
wordpress google analytics
By installing the Google Analytics tracking code on your blog, important statistical data can be easily identified, including traffic, users, page views, bounce rates, keywords, traffic sources, and more. Although free, but Google products on this one provides a fairly complete feature.

How to Installing Google Analytics code on your blog can be done in two ways. The first way for you WordPress blog users' self hosted is through the plugin. Meanwhile, the second way is to insert a tracking script in the footer.php file under the </ body> tag. And the following is how to install the Google Analytics code on a WordPress blog.

Here I do not explain the steps to register and get tracking code Google Analytics, I assume you have finished registering and live install the code on the blog.

If you prefer the installation of the tracking code using the plugin, please download and install the Google Analytics plugin by visiting the following URL:

The steps do not need me to explain, because the process is very easy.

Copy Google Analytics script
Sign in to WP Dashboard
Select Appearance> Themes> Editor menu> click the footer.php file on the right side of your browser web page window.
Paste Google Analytics script just above the </ body> tag
Click the Update file button - END.

Some templates already provide a Google Analytics script installation column under Theme Options. To check whether the template you are using is already available to enter the Google Analytics code or not, please go to the Theme Options window.

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