Thursday, 7 September 2017

Wordpress Htaccess

Understanding Htaccess
I am sure that you often hear about Htaccess. You will not be able to imagine what we can do with the file. I have searched many sources to simply write this Htaccess concept. And if you do not already know about Htaccess, then this article will really help you. Have a good study.

What is Htaccess?
Htaccess is an ordinary ASCII file that you can create through text editors like notepad or simple text. This will help new webmasters understand the Htaccess file.

Htaccess is an anonymous extension file. This is not an .htaccess name or a page that ends in .htaccess. this is just written .htaccess without a name.

This file will have an impact on all folders and subfolders that Apache Server will load. In this file is placed a command for server configuration. To make it you can open the Text editor then save the blank page with the name .htaccess.
wordpress htaccess
wordpress htaccess

Htaccess must be uploaded in ASCII mode instead of BINARY. You need to convert CHMOD to 644 or RW-R- -R-. this will make the file readable by the server, but prevent the browser from being able to read it (security reasons). For example, if you have a password-protected folder or a page that you do not want to be visible to visitors, if the browser is able to read your own Htaccess file then easily visitors will know where the file is located and can access the secret file easily.

To make it easier you should write one command in a line. This will be useful in case of errors or unwanted things. Htaccess will affect all the folders and subfolders on which this file is placed. For example, if your Htaccess is located in the root folder then the command on Htaccess will have an impact on subfolders therein. However, we can prevent that from occurring by adding some special command line so that it does not affect the subfolders on which Htaccess is placed.

Before you create and place an Htaccess file make sure you have written the correct command. Because a little error on Htaccess will be fatal. For example there is a loop or error redirect. as a note, some sites do not use Htaccess as it may slow down the website speed.

Here is an article that will help you understand the commands in the Htaccess File: Redirect Url on Htaccess

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