Friday, 15 September 2017


Wordpress Pricing
Wordpress Pricing
Wordpress is one of the many patfrom used by users as a means to market products and services. Many bloggers also use wordpress platform. Wordpress is widely used because of its easy and highly competent use as a means of marketing.
If for learning tools we do not need to pay to use the facilities of wordpress, but if you want to start doing business and develop our business, then must pay up to pay.

Wordpress Pricing
Payment Service Domain purchase in WordPress is a solution for you who want to make domain purchase or domain upgrade which originally only subdomain from wordpress become main domain. Suppose to be Assuming using fixed hosting belongs to wordpress.
What is the advantage of domain upgrade?
1. Looks more professional especially if your blog or website in wordpress made to make sales transactions
2. It is easier to remember and tentunnya shorter. Try to read be certainly more easy and easy to remember. From the visual side looks more concise right?
From both points above is the main advantage that you will feel as well as your visitors / potential customers.

The cost offered by wordpress for updgrade domains start at $ 18 with details of domain price at wordpress $ 5 and mapping fee of 13 $. For domains with certain extensions may differ in price. You can directly check in the dashboard wordpress account, pilin the domain store menu, then select / enter the desired domain. So you know how much to pay to buy the domain. Meanwhile, if you want domain protection, there is an additional cost of $ 8. Domain protection serves to protect data purchase domain such as information name, address, city, zip code, province and phone number.

You can buy a domain outside of WordPress while still having free wordpress hosting, suppose you buy at namecheap or godaddy. You only pay a mapping fee of $ 13 only.

It's a bit complicated when purchasing outside wordpress while still using free hosting wordpress, because it must do some settings / settings.

But my advice if it is to buy a domain outside wordpress better all use paid hosting. Hosting is much recommended is Hostgator and Bluehost. Also read how to choose quality hosting and domain with affordable price.