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WP Slimstat - Plugin Wordpress To Know Full Visitor Statistics

WP Slimstat is a great free web analytics plugin for reporting visitors to your WordPress site. All reports are complete and accurate so you can easily evaluate your site's performance that will ultimately lead to progress in your site and online business.
WP Slimstat
WP Slimstat
When you launch a website or blog whatever that is your goal, the thing you should not forget is to install a tool that can analyze your website. By installing web analytics, you will get valuable information that will be useful for the progress of your site and online business. Web analytics help site owners to see the performance of your site reports and full visitor statistics such as getting information on the number of visitors, traffic sources, conversions, demographics, visitor locations, visitor IPs, open pages and more.

When you want to decide on installing web analytics, you will be faced with a variety of options what tools you will use, because there are so many web analytics you can find. If you are a WordPress platform user, it will also be more confusing as there are so many plugins and services that can provide visitor report statistics for WordPress. Here I will help you find a suitable plugin to know the stats of your WordPress site visitors and other information completely, I will not speak some web analytics plugin in this article but only give one plugin that is WP Slimstat. This I do so that you do not feel confused should choose which plugin or service is best for your WordPress site as well to speed up your search.

But before we get to the core of this article, should you need to know why you should install web analytics on your site?

Installing web Analytics is very important, there are several reasons why you should use analytic, one of which is to look at the behavior of your site visitors, then you will be able to optimize your site to improve better results and convert your visitors into sales. Because with the information from web Analytics you can analyze accurately from the actual data, not just from ideas or opinions alone.

Web analytics

Analytics not only shows the number of visitors and the number of page views but is also very important in helping you understand which promotional techniques work well for your website. For example, it's possible that you're currently investing to promote through ads like Paid Search or banner installing on popular websites, then with web analytics you'll easily see how many visitors are directed to your website from your campaign , and additionally can see whether visitors who come to your website is an ideal visitor who can achieve your website goals.

In addition, web analytics can be very useful in helping you find things that do not work on your site and find out what works for you. That way you can immediately take the decision to optimize things that work well or stop or fix things that do not work for your website.

Web analytics will really bring huge benefits and changes to your website and certainly progress in the online business you run if you are able to interpret the data displayed correctly.

WP Slimstat is a WordPress Plugin that serves as web analytics that allows you to view visitor statistics in real-time, analyze visitor behavior, track returning customers and registered users, detect intrusions, analyze email campaigns, and visit various sources from search engines, links or from social media, backlinks, alexa rank and many more capabilities possessed by this plugin. WP Slimstat plugin as the name implies is a lightweight plugin but it can display your WordPress website's all-inclusive report completely.

This plugin has a capability similar to Google analytic and is also free for you to use, now WP Slimstat is already used by hundreds of thousands of WordPress users worldwide. You can view any reports of your website analysis directly from the WordPress dashboard. This plugin offers a sophisticated interface, easy to understand and easy to use. Unlike Google Analytics which may be confusing for new users because so many menus and things are displayed, for WP Slimstat it all shows up very clearly, simply and in altogether tailored to what is really needed by the user. MAJOR FEATURES WP SLIMSTATWP Slimstat has a full feature that will provide you with useful data needed for the success of your online business.

And here are some excellent features offered by web analytic WP Slimstat: Real Time Updates WP Slimstat plugin can display web analytics reports in real time. You can filter your visit statistics for "today", "7 days", "60 days" or "last 90 days" or a date range including today, the report will display the most recent visit, ensuring you always access the latest analytics data.Your Customizations it's easy to set the module just by drag and drop or as easy as click, you can show what you really want to show and hide the unwanted in a very easy way, all your controls in the hands of users.

The WP Slimstat plugin is designed for both beginners and advanced users. The slimstat Audience Analysis slimstat can show your visitors country reports, browsers, operating systems and most importantly what plugins they have installed. Does your website use Flash? With SlimStat you can make sure your visitors have the right tools to showcase your content. And if most of your page views are generated from Internet Explorer 7 browser sources, it may be time to check if your template is compatible with that browser.

Slimstat allows you to group your visitors with different metrics: IP addresses, browsers, content types, or incoming user credentials. With a variety of existing operators, you can finally use a fine comb to understand who is visiting your site and why they are visiting your site. Geolocation is a process of determining where an IP address is geographically located. Slimstat uses the GeoLite MaxMind database and the IP2Location Online service to retrieve this information.

To improve the accuracy of this tool, you can replace the .dat file with the paid version available on their website, or use your favorite online geolocation tool yourself. To change it you just need to replace the URL in the appropriate and finished options. Integration and ExtensionsSlimstat integrates with your WordPress admin in an inconspicuous way, by adding to your dashboard experience and providing easily accessible reports and functionality. Add-ons can be used to extend core features to get the most from data collected by WP Slimstat tracker.

To start using WP Slimstat plugin, the first thing you need to do is install WP Slimstat Plugin via your WordPress dashboard or download from WordPress directory and upload via FTP.WP Slimstat Plugin Once your plugin is enabled you will see a new menu named "Slimstat" in the sidebar admin Your WordPress.

And plugins will work right away and you can instantly see your visitors' reports right away. Or if you want you can configure the settings in the Slimstat »Settings menu.

In this section you will see some tab menu like Basic, Tracker, Filter, Reports, Access Control, and Maintenance.Settings WP SlimstatFor this setting I will not explain completely because by default the plugin already has a good setup. If you want to make changes you just need to read every information that is clearly written down and you just have to select it with the click of a button. Or you can immediately see the full documentation on how to set up this slimstat plugin on the official website that has been presented with video tutorials which will certainly make it easier for you to understand.

Check here WP Slimstat Overview.WP Slimstat Customize Next to Customize, here you can manage what modules you want to display and the modules you want to hide. You just need to drag and drop to move the position or not activate slide in column "Inactive Report" or can also use click on icon according to your wishes.

WP Slimstat analytics All your statistics and web analytics reports are clearly displayed on Overview, Audience, Site analysis, Traffic Source, and Geolocation. Statistics displayed with graphics can be downloaded directly in the form of images, excel files, and print.

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