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Google Adsense Earnings
Google Adsense Earnings

When reading this article you must have heard about Google AdSense. It is a fact if AdSense is the biggest source of income from online business in the internet world, and cheap because you can start without spending big capital, and also easy because it does not need a high ability both in terms of marketing and IT.

How exactly is the logical explanation of this business?
Is it possible that without spending big capital can produce great results, why can with something cheap and easy we earn extraordinary income, even more than the main income?

Logically it can be guessed if you are the owner of a television station with many viewers, where did you get the income? Of course, in the midst of the broadcast programs presented, whether it's a soap opera, a movie, a sport then watched by millions of people, there will be a variety of advertisements, which for some people become an attraction and eventually buy the products offered by those ads.

Are the ads showing for free on television?
Of course not, if it's free everyone will appear as an ad star. They pay dearly for each product ad shown.

To whom?
Of course to the owner of the tv station, in this example you are.
From the parable above, in the world of the Internet also applies the same thing. Currently, many companies engaged in cyberspace, whether large companies, or individuals, need promotion to market their products. So the choice of intermediary companies, for example is Google, AdBrite, Yahoo, BidAdvertiser, Cbengin, as an intermediary through them this ads are distributed to various websites or blog sites.

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Nice article. So we can add Adsense to WordPress?

i belive my blog is accepted adsense..

hello i heard that it is against adsense policy to show your earning publicly is i true?
and i am sharing mycontent strategies to increase adsnese earnings with you thanks.